MaxLite Unveils Element LED Flood Lights for Outdoor Applications

Designed to replace metal halide fixtures for a wide variety of outdoor lighting applications, MaxLite® has unveiled the MaxLED® Element™ LED Flood Light Series as unique, flexible lighting systems that feature self-contained modular elements offering varying lumen output and optics capabilities. MaxLite offers the Element Series for illuminating hotel, restaurant and resort parking lots and other outdoor spaces.

“Our new Element LED Flood Light Series employ a modular configuration allowing users to build up applications that require 250- to 1000-watt metal halide fixtures traditionally,” said Pat Treadway, Director of Product Marketing. “These LED fixtures are extremely versatile and can be custom ordered in a variety of configurations and optics.”

The fixtures are available in 5000K correlated color temperature (CCT) in 135-, 270 and 405-watt models that deploy up to 35,100 lumens. The Element LED Flood Light Series can be specified in a one-, two- or three-modular unit configuration, with up to three polished and plated optical collimator variations. Each module is designed with a dual driver that minimizes the risk of full power outage, with little risk of a dark field or lot.

Optics include 22- (narrow flood), 55- (medium flood) and 120-degree (wide flood) collimators that can be specified for various beam types. The chassis yoke mount includes a 270-degree pivot base plate and an integrated arm protractor for precision aiming. Custom beam spreads are possible by mixing modules.

The Element LED Flood Lights are constructed with steel framing and aluminum heat sink fins across the module length, and include stainless steel bushings and protractor angle plates. A polycarbonate lens seals the module to protect against dust ingress and water to an IP65 rating. The fixtures, which include a 6’-18/3 shielded power cord feed, are painted with a durable powder coat finish after fabrication.

The Element LED Flood Lights include a discreet J-Box on each frame that enables easy installation in the field and modular repair. The fixtures offer a power factor of 99 percent and operate on universal 120- to 277-volt electrical systems. The highly durable LED Flood Lights operate in any outdoor environment at temperatures ranging from -22°F to 122°F.


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