Mr. Boston Rock & Rye Rolling Along to a Strong Comeback

SazeracMr. Boston Rock & Rye, the venerable rye whiskey liqueur flavored with citrus, is making a strong comeback in the Southern United States, as on and off premise consumers are re-discovering this sweet treat.

Once believed to be the cure-all for the common cold in the late 1800s, this combination of rye whiskey sweetened with sugar and citrus fruits became so popular it found its way into pop culture, with references in books and songs from 1914 all the way up to 1948.

In 1939 Mr. Boston began bottling this famous concoction, and 74 years later, the rye whiskey liqueur is showing a resurgence, as consumers are flocking to bars and liquor stores and enjoying it either straight or on the rocks.  With double digit growth in the past year in some markets, it’s clear the flavored whiskey craze has also reignited the taste for some old classics too, such as Rock & Rye.

 “Consumers that are of newly legal drinking age and older have been raised on soft drinks and other sweet beverages, and now crave that taste as they get older and look for adult beverages,” said Lori Logan, brand director, Mr. Boston. “With the popularity of flavored whiskeys over the past few years, combined with the yearnings for classic cocktails, it’s no wonder we’ve seen an increase in sales both on and off premise for Rock & Rye.

Mr. Boston Rock & Rye is 54 proof and is available in 200 mL, 375 mL and 750 mL. The 750 mL retails for a suggested price of $9.99.


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