Naughty Cow from Independent Distiller Now Available

Early this month Independent Distiller launched the new product, Naughty Cow, or as some like to call it “chocolate milk for grownups”. Naughty Cow is made with high-quality vodka and features a unique milk-processing technique that creates a smooth, real-cream beverage with a delicious chocolate flavor.

“The chocolate/vanilla alcohol beverage segment has exploded from 600,000 cases in 2009 to a current estimate of 2,600,000 cases,” says Peter Heyworth, Vice President of Marketing at Independent Distillers USA. “Naughty Cow’s entry into this hot category delivers quality and premium taste to consumers along with high margins and a price advantage for retailers over Baileys and Adult Chocolate Milk. Since Baileys is largely a seasonal product, Naughty Cow is the perfect drink for the rest of the year.”

Independent Distillers has also created two fun cocktail drinks using Naughty Cow. The "Holy Cow" features 2 parts Naughty Cow, 1 part vanilla vodka, 1 small scoop of vanilla ice cream, garnished with a halo of Cointreau. Drink number two, the "Nutty Cow," calls for 2 parts Naughty Cow, 1 part Frangelico, garnished with whipped cream.


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