NCB Show Exhibitors Launch Fresh New Products

As promised, the 2012 Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show, America’s biggest and most important bar, nightclub and beverage event of the year, featured hundreds of distinctive companies launching tasty beverages, hot technology, creative barware and more! The following is just a sampling of what attendees found in the Exhibition Hall; for more, check out “2012 NCB Show to Host Innovative, Creative Exhibitors” as well as the official exhibitor list.

Show floor

The Exhibition Hall at the 2012 Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas was packed!

Newcastle Founder's Ale
Newcastle Brown Ale is imported to the United States by Heineken International BV. For a limited time, Newcastle is offering an homage to its five founding breweries with Newcastle Founder's Ale. The brew has dry, hoppy and roasted flavors; the classic bitter ale also features subtle sweet caramel and fruit on its nose and a clean, short finish. Founder's Ale is Newcastle's fourth limited-edition brew and is available in six- and 12-pack bottles as well as on draught in select markets.

Keep It Simple Syrup
Keep It Simple Syrup — an all-natural spearmint-infused simple syrup (a.k.a. Spearmint kiss) — is made from pure cane sugar, triple-filtered water natural spearmint extract (from spearmint leaves) and citric acid (the natural preservative found in citrus fruits). The syrup creates a new category for cocktail mixers and flavoring syrups and stands out as authentic among the artificially flavored, sweetened, colored and preserved cocktail mixers and flavoring syrups on the market. Despite the widespread popularity of spearmint, fresh spearmint leaves are not always available, and orders placed for mojitos, mint juleps, and the like often are left unfilled. With Spearmint kiss on hand, these drinks and more can remain on the menu, year-round.

Simple Syrup

Amstel Wheat Bier
With more than 140 years of brewing knowledge and tradition, Amstel is imported from Amsterdam. Heineken USA calls Amstel Wheat Bier "the newest gem in the Amstel family." Utilizing a Weizen ale yeast, Amstel Wheat is a traditional Dutch wheat beer with a refreshing, smooth, faintly fruity finish and a sweet and subtle aroma. Perfect for a spring or summer day, the rich but not overbearing scent of fruit, spice and fresh bread entices beer lovers into kicking back and enjoying the fruity, floral and slightly hoppy flavor.

Brekle's Brown
San Francisco-based Anchor Brewing Company can trace their roots back to the early 1850s, when brewer Gottlieb Brekle arrived from Germany and transformed an old saloon into a little brewery. Brekle's Brown is Anchor Brewmaster Mark Carpenter's tip of the hat to the original brewmaster. Carpenter’s blend of roasted malts is inspired by the all-malt brown ales that are in Anchor's brewing archives. The blend gives Brekle's Brown richness and complexity without making it heavy and instills the brew with a coppery brown color. Carpenter also chose to use a single American hop variety called Citra for brewing and dry hopping. Brekle's Brown is only available on draught. LED Strip Lights is launching a new line of LED strip lights and controllers. For decorative lighting displays, the LED strip lighting can provide maximum brightness and energy efficiency as well as long life. The new line offers a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of over 80, which can improve color vibrancy when used in backlighting or uplighting bar areas. The High CRI LED Strip Light product line features 120 LEDs per meter for optimal brightness levels and greater color accuracy. There are a variety of color temperature options available, such as very warm white (2,400°K), warm white (2,700°K), neutral white (4,000°K), daylight white (6,500°K) and color tunable (range 2,400-6,500°K).

Environmental Lights

Stone IPA Cali-Belgique
Stone Brewing Co. cut the ribbon on the original San Marcos, Calif., brewery on July 26, 1996 (they moved to a new facility in Escondido, Calif., in 2006). That same day their first brew was tapped in the tasting room, and the company has proven to be one of the most respected and prolific breweries ever since. The Cali-Belgique India pale ale is a Belgian-inspired, California-style IPA featuring Centennial, Chinook and Columbus hop varieties. Lovers of Stone IPA will appreciate the Belgian strain of yeast used to make Cali-Belgique as, while it seems identical to Stone IPA, it exposes new aspects of the ale. Cali-Belgique is available on draught and in 22-ounce bottles.

Ole Smoky Moonshine
Ole Smoky boasts a family recipe that is more than a century old; Old Smoky also is Tennessee's first legal distillery. Those who are new to moonshine may find the distiller's original hooch a bit strong but Ole Smoky has them covered: The company also distributes moonshine cherries, maraschinos soaked in 100 proof moonshine. Traditionally, moonshine is meant to be enjoyed straight from the mason jar in which it is poured, so simply drop in a moonshine cherry or two if needed and the flavor profile will change a bit. For a taste sensation that isn't sickly sweet or smacking of artificial flavoring, Ole Smoky apple pie moonshine is unbeatable. The proof is significantly lower than that of the original product, which means it can be sipped in larger quantities.

High End Systems DLV Digital Light
Continuing the development of digital lighting, High End Systems, a Barco company, presents the DLV Digital Light.  This addition to the largest digital lighting portfolio in the industry represents the next evolution in creative, video-based lighting. Built on the same industry standard software as the DL.3 Digital Light and Axon Media Server, the DLV brings digital lighting capabilities to any stage, club or application in a smaller form factor. With more than 4,000 lumens of output from the three-chip LCD engine and the stunning point-of-source of the Indigo Highlighter, a multitude of digital effects are possible.

High End Systems

Tequila Cartel Plata
Using only hand-selected hearts of 100% blue agave, Tequila Cartel of Jalisco, Mexico, is striving to become the luxury spirit of choice among enthusiasts. The company’s ultra premium Plata features suspended, edible flakes of plata, or silver. Tequila Cartel holds the exclusive licensing rights to this suspension matrix, and it has to be seen and sampled to be appreciated. Sipping it neat or enjoying it in a favorite cocktail is a luxury indulgence.

Sidekick Shot Glass
Dry ice can add an element of mystery, danger and excitement to any cocktail. However, the price of that dramatic presentation can be a lack of safety in regards to a venue's guests. The Sidekick Shot Glass by Todd Miller, owner of Innovative Barware, LLC, solves the safety issue. While any condiment can be added to any shot, dry ice is the main star of this show. The Sidekick is made of two pieces, a bottom chamber that holds the condiment or dry ice and the top of the shot glass that features a pattern of holes allowing liquid to flow freely to and from the bottom chamber. These two pieces are secured together simply and allow for the safe handling and consumption of shots featuring dry ice. Additionally, Sidekick shot glasses can be custom printed with logos, and the bottom chamber can hold small items.

Clubdango is billed as the world's only social entertainment app. Available to both iPhone and Android phone users, the app is clean, crisp and easy to use (as tested on an iPhone). Clubdango features socially active nightclubs, dayclubs, lounges and bars spanning the globe and, at the touch of a button, shares venue information, deals and events with those using the app. This is not, however, just a mash of listings in each city. While venues can create free profiles within Clubdango that feature location, contacts, events, galleries and general information, the app also offers deal and ad creation, database management and full analytics starting at $49 per month. Clubdango is certainly an innovative way to market to social-media-savvy patrons.

Bruvado Imports presents a product line that combines premium Mexican lager and top-shelf spirits in one package — a party in a pack. For many, there's nothing like a refreshing beer chasing a shot of pure 100% Agave tequila or four-year, aged Kentucky bourbon. Bruvado’s five-pack/10-drink creations combine Mexican and Kentucky favorites — five bottles of premium Mexican lager with a 200 ml bottle containing five shots of either tequila or bourbon with collectible shot glasses — all in one five-pack. Bruvado Imports premium lager is available in glass five-packs with a 200 ml bottle of either Agave tequila or Kentucky bourbon; five-pack cans with Bruvado’s Michelada recipe; 200 ml six-packs of either tequila or bourbon; as well as Mexican lager in either 12 oz. glass-bottle six-packs or 24 oz. single-serve cans.

Funkin Cocktail Mixers
Funkin, 100% fresh-fruit cocktail mixers, deliver premium drinks in seconds. Made by bartenders for bartenders, the mixers create perfectly made cocktails every time. Funkin is available in 1-liter packages in the following flavors: Strawberry Daiquiri, Cosmopolitan, Sour and Mojito. A 1-liter Tetra-Pak pouch makes up to 10 drinks.

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