The Neat Glass - Changing the Way the World Drinks

Introduced by Arsilica Inc in Las Vegas, NV, this unique pot-still shaped glass uses simple physics to separate alcohol odors before they burn and numb the nose, leaving those wonderful, spice, flower, fruit and vanilla aromas for the discerning spirits drinker to savor, that only fermentation, distillation and ageing can produce.

Inspired by an “artistic” mistake in a glass blowing class in 2003, and reverse engineered with countless calculations, tests, GCMS studies, and panel evaluations, this functionally designed, patented invention truly enhances enjoyment of all alcohol beverages and spirits over 17% alcohol by volume.

NEAT (Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology) unmasks aromas with astonishing effectiveness, and its sophisticated appearance results in a perfect blend of function and elegant presentation for those who enjoy drinking spirits straight or neat. 

Sales and popularity are increasing rapidly as NEAT becomes the indispensable tool for those aficionados and connoisseurs who spend money on premium, super-premium, and collector’s edition spirits. 

Bartenders report higher top shelf sales to ladies and more sensitive noses who traditionally avoid drinking straight spirits.  NEAT raises the bar for distillers and spirits manufacturers wishing to capitalize on more intense flavors and expanded spirits markets.  Chefs love pairing signature cuisine with spirits now that subtle seasonings are no longer overwhelmed by strong alcohol odors.  NEAT truly is the shape of flavor.

NEAT is upscale glassware, made in USA of handmade, mouth-blown lead-free ChrystalynTM and available globally. 


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