New Dynamic Pair of Lighting Effects: Sweeper Beam LED and Sweeper Beam Quad LED

LED LightsClub-goers and audiences will be swept off their feet by a new dynamic pair of lighting effects called the Sweeper Beam LED and Sweeper Beam Quad LED, two totally unique new lighting effects from ADJ. Both units offer two effects in one. First, the units scan back and forth with 8 tight beams of light. Second, the unit’s LED’s have 8-Zone chasing, pulsing and strobing effects for an array of visual excitement.

This dramatically contrasting visual combination gives the Sweeper Beam LED and Sweeper Beam Quad LED the ability to generate brilliant perpetual-motion lightshows bursting with kinetic energy. Designed for stages, nightclubs, DJs and mobile entertainers, these incredible fixtures will give users everything they need to create fresh looking lightshows to please their patrons.

“What makes the Sweeper Beam LED and the Sweeper Beam Quad LED stand out from other everyday lighting fixtures is their ability to create two highly desirable yet vastly different effects—room-sweeping beams and multi-zone chasing sequences—from the same light source,” said Alfred Gonzales, national sales manager for ADJ USA. “True attention-getters, they will amp up the excitement level in any venue while providing users with a multitude of creative options making their lightshows stand out from the competition.”

Both fixtures look similar in size and shape, but create different effects depending on whether you want an all white look of the Sweeper Beam LED, or multi-color RGBW (red/green/blue/white) beams from the Sweeper Beam Quad LED. “Depending on what look people are going for, we offer the Sweeper Beams in all white or RGBW; each one is priced differently,” said, Gonzales. “Personally, I like the look of a combination of both fixtures used together in the same lightshow.”

Sweeper Beam LED - Featuring all white beams, the Sweeper Beam LED is powered by eight 3-watt white CREE LEDs with a narrow 3.5-degree beam angle for maximum visual impact. For DMX control, the unit offers 4 DMX channel modes (1, 6, 11 or 15 channels), consumers 46W of power (at maximum), and may be power daisy-chained via its IEC in/out connectors (8 units @ 120V or 14 units @ 230V).

Sweeper Beam Quad LED - Featuring multi-colored beams of light, the Sweeper Beam Quad LED is powered by eight 8-watt RGBW Quad (4-IN-1) CREE LEDs with a narrow 3.4-degree beam angle for maximum visual impact. For DMX control, the unit offers 4 DMX channel modes (1, 6, 35 or 39 channels), consumers 81W of power (at maximum), and may be power daisy-chained via its IEC in/out connectors (4 units @ 120V or 7 units @ 230V).

Both fixtures offer the flexibility of 3 convenient operational modes. In DMX mode, you can operate it using a standard DMX-512 controller, and users have their choice of 4 DMX channel modes. For non-DMX users, the Sweeper Beams can be run in Sound Active mode using their own exciting built-in programs.  Great when used in multiples, or in combinations of white and color, the units can also be synched up in Master/Slave mode. A 4-button LED menu located on the back of the units provide easy access to manual and DMX settings. As an added option, both models are compatible with ADJ’s simple-to-use UC3 wireless remote (sold separately).

Smooth stepper motors allow these fixtures to turn 270°, which means it can reach far and wide as its bright beams sweep across the dance floor and chase, strobe and pulse to the beat of the music. For full dramatic effects, electronic dimming is available from 0–100% via DMX.

Both the Sweeper Beam LED and Sweeper Beam Quad LED use long-life CREE brand LEDs rated at 50,000 hours, so they rarely need replacing. They also run extremely cool, so the units can be kept on all night without duty cycles and will never overheat performers on stage. A multi-voltage power supply (AC 100–240V, 50/60Hz) allows the Sweeper Beams to be used virtually anywhere, which makes it great for mobile entertainers. Both models include mounting brackets that allow them to be hung securely from a wall or ceiling in either a horizontal or vertical position. Highly portable, the fixtures both measure in at 38.5”L x 3”W x  5.25”H (973 x 74 x 132mm), and weigh only 13 lbs./5.5kg.


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