New Hot & Cold Transport Cart from Food Warming Equipment

This new Hot & Cold Transport Cart from Food Warming Equipment (FWE) features a side-by-side heated holding compartment and mobile refrigerator with independent electronic controls.  Operators can hold, transport, and serve hot meals, cold beverages and sides all from one unit!  The flexibility it offers is unbeatable.

Adjustable Universal Tray Slides are designed to hold 18 x 26" trays, 12 x 20" pans or GN pans.  Additional features include:

            • Lift-off door hinges
            • Recessed tubular handles on both sides
            • Easy-to-grip paddle latches
            • A drop-down work shelf that can be recessed during transport or storage
            • Fully insulated compartments
            • Full perimeter bumper
            • 6-Caster configuration for easy maneuvering


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