Oak Beverages and Boening Brothers Now Distributing Birrifico BrA1ton a Leading Italian Beer

Oak Beverages, Inc. and Boening Brothers, have been named the New York area distributors for Birrifico Brùton (San Cassianodi Moriano (Lucca) Italy. The Italian craft brewery founded in 2006 is gaining wide recognition for its well-balanced, easy to drink beers.

Brùton’s beers are unpasteurized, unfiltered and are crafted with a secondary fermentation in the bottle process which creates beers with unique, opalescent finish, complex aromas and hearty foam heads. Featured in the Brùton line are: Brùton Bianca, a Belgian White; Brùton di Bruton, a Belgian Ale; Brùton Dieci, a Barley White; Brùton  La Cosa IPA, an India Pale Ale; Brùton Lilith, an American Pale Ale, Brùton Momus, an Abbey Dubbel; Brùton St. Renna, a Spice/Herb/Vegetable brew;  and Brùton Stoner, a Belgian Strong Ale. The brewmaster behind the Brùton craft beers is Iacopo Lenci, whose craftsmanship reflects his strong European tradition of brewing and Italian taste influence.  

Lenci characterizes Brùton’s beers as “gentle and balanced, highly characterized and even brave.” He also noted that, “The philosophy at Brùton is to re-interpret, in a very personal way, other quality beer styles without exaggerating what makes those other beers so unique and special. At Brùton, we adopt the best beer-brewing practices and principles from several countries in an effort to make something totally new and distinctive.”


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