Pack Your Bar for Football Playoffs!

It’s time to giveaway a big flat screen TV in order to pack your bar for football playoffs. But those are expensive! So how can you do this? It’s easy.  You can get a nice size flat screen TV for around $450 to $500, but there’s a simple way to get this TV with zero money coming out of your pocket.

The big idea with this promotion is to get hundreds of guys signing up to win this TV in house and online and giving them multiple opportunities to increase their chances to win by coming in for playoff games. Then you can bring them back in for the Super Bowl to announce the winner.

How To Run the Promotion?

Every time they come in during the playoffs to watch one of the games, they can fill out a card with their name and email address to increase their chances to win during the big game. The more they come in, the better the chances they have to win.

To take this a step further, set up a lead capture website. A one page website that pretty much says “Enter to win a 50in TV on Super Bowl Sunday” and get their name and e-mail address. 

To find out more about this promotion and how to score that Flat Screen TV – visit Bar & Restaurant Success