Panache Introduces Alchemia Infused Vodkas to the United States

NEW YORK, NY – Panache Imports has introduced Alchemia, a new line of craft-infused vodkas that will be available in destination dining and bar institutions and wine and spirits stores throughout major including New York, New Jersey, California and Florida.



Produced by century-old Polmos Bialystock Distillery in Poland, Alchemia will feature naturally-infused raw ingredients including single-origin chocolate nibs, ginger root and locally sourced Polish wild cherries.


While many mainstream flavored vodkas are made by simply adding extracts or chemicals to a grain alcohol base, Alchemia vodka macerates their flavorings by slowly infusing raw ingredients using the traditional Polish handmade process. The premium rye grain is distilled three times with ingredients saturated in the vodka while the full mixture steeps in an oak barrel before being re-filtered and poured into hand-blown glass bottles.


The Polish term for Alchemy, Alchemia is named for its transformation of ordinary vodka into rich infusions, much like alchemists penchant for turning ordinary metals into gold and silver. Labeled with periodic table element symbols to distinguish each flavor, thecone-shaped obelisk bottles are reminiscent of a 19th century apothecary.


Alchemia varieties, which include, Czekoladowa (chocolate), Imbirowa (ginger), and Wisniowa (wild cherry), are best enjoyed straight up, on the rocks or in a selection of classic cocktails.


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