Pisco Gran Sierpe Launches New Acholado Flavor

Gran Sierpe introduced the NEW Acholado flavor at the 2012 Manhattan Cocktail Classic.

"The Acholado is a blend of three prominent grapes ranging in flavors and aromas and is very flavorful and complex for a white spirit.  It's a bartender's preferred Pisco flavor.  I was receiving requests for a more aromatic Pisco from across the US and decided what better time to launch than at MCC [Manhattan Cocktail Classic] 2012?"
- Herbie Loeble, owner of Gran Sierpe Pisco.

What is Pisco?
Pisco is a distilled spirit ‘aguardiente’ made from grapes and is currently the enduring national drink of Peru and Chile.

This spirit has a long standing history dating back to the 1500s and the Spanish Viceroyalty in South America. Its enriched cultural background links directly to the southern portion of Peru, the valley of Ica, and the city/port of Pisco, which to this day bears the name of the spirit category and is regarded as the birthplace of the product. In the early 1900s the drink made its way over to the U.S. and quickly became a huge hit; Its early 20th century glory lasted until Prohibition and other factors including distribution problems caused a fall into obscurity.  However, with the current Latin spirits craze in the cocktail industry, pisco is on its way back, and with full force as premium piscos are quickly sneaking onto many menus across the nation.

To learn more, visit www.discoverpisco.com.


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