Powell & Mahoney Introduces All-Natural "Vintage Original Cocktail Mixers"

Powell & Mahoney, Ltd. brings the authentic and classic flavors, style, and spirit of America’s great, original cocktails to the home entertainer in a line of easy to use, all-natural and organic cocktail mixers. Small batch-crafted using only the finest all-natural ingredients, along with pure cane and organic cane sugars and agave, Powell & Mahoney Vintage Original Cocktail Mixers™ provide the clean, classic, authentic flavors of cocktails made from scratch.
A current line-up of all-natural flavors includes Bloody Mary, Margarita, Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Peach Bellini, Red Sangria, Sour Mix, and three unique flavors to the category – Ginger, Hot Toddy, and Low-Calorie Margarita. Powell & Mahoney also offers a pure cane sugar Simple Syrup, for at-home entertainers who want to try their hand at some “from scratch” cocktail creations.
Standouts include the spicy, unique all-natural Ginger mixer, which works both as a cocktail mixer for the perfect Dark & Stormy, Irish Whiskey HiBall, and more, but that is also perfect by itself over ice as a sippable, soothing beverage when just plain tea won’t do.
Another unique flavor is the seasonal offering – Hot Toddy. Carefully crafted with fresh ginger, lemon, organic cane sugar, honey and a special mix of spices and herbs, this vintage flavor authentically recreates everyone’s favorite winter warmer.

For more information, please visit www.PowellandMahoney.com.


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