Revolutionary Drinking Device Uses the Human Body and Power to Make Any BEER Taste Better

Image: Beverage Power by Global Ionics

PLEASANTVILLE, NY - Believe it or not, the "electric" human body, comprised of atoms, electrons, protons, and neutrons, is a driving force behind 21st century innovation in sensors, smartphones, wearables, and consumer products to name a few.

Global Ionics LLC has recently introduced Beverage Power, a drinking vessel that is powered by the human body, along with a patented voltage booster circuit and one AAA battery, to generate a small, safe electric current within any beverage. The results and benefits are astounding, since tastes are altered and enhanced. For example, salty drinks taste saltier, sugary drinks taste sweeter, and champagnes taste bubblier. BEER tastes fresher, fizzier, and the new drinking device can bring a flat beer to life.

Ken Davidov, CEO of Global Ionics, says this groundbreaking beverage device can go in so many directions. "With our new innovation, beverage companies can lower sodium and sugar in their products and still achieve great taste, while providing a healthier drink. Our objective is to provide beverage devices and innovations that will speed up recovery due to dehydration, boost energy, flush out toxins, act as an antioxidant, and enhance the body's immune system."

The Beverage Power device can attach to any cup, glass, or water bottle. Fill with your favorite beverage. While drinking, your hand touches the metal "acti-strip" on the side of the cup. Once the beverage touches the lip or mouth, the electric circuit is complete, and millions of negative ions enter the body. And, similar to Global's other products, the Beverage Power drinking device allows users to See the Light®, since the ion polarization process is powered by the human body's energy. Once the light is glowing, the ions are flowing. There are no on/off switches.

Davidov envisions this electric beverage device as a game-changer. "We see it already with our other products. Consumers love being part of a new experience and now, they can enjoy a BEER, like never before. Since the body's energy powers all our products, the potential to reach the recreational sports/exercise market is enormous and connecting with professional athletes is a priority. Bars and restaurants will have a field day with the Beverage Power device. Consumers will love powering their own drink and being able to See the Light®. Most importantly, their beverages will taste better."


Global Ionics LLC (founded 2008) is a technology company focusing on battery power solutions using voltage booster technology and consumer products using ionic polarization technology. Polarization technology will forever change the way we start and end our days. Global Ionics creates consumer, health, wireless, sensor/IoT, wearable, and radio/audio products using their patented technologies. For more information, please visit:


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