Revolutionize Your Rig with Two New LED Drapes

SUNRISE, Fla - Chauvet, a leading manufacturer of LED lighting, announces the release of two new LED drapes that will drastically change the appearance of your setup and add life to any event: MotionDrape LED and MotionFacade LED. Turn a bland background into one with pizzazz with the MotionDrape LED backdrop and make your DJ booth pop with the MotionFacade LED front board drape system.

Chauvet Lighting

MotionDrape LED and MotionFacade LED include sound activated and automatic programs and can be operated using eight channels of DMX or in stand-alone mode. Both drapes allow you to control the speed of all patterns as well as their static color selection.

MotionDrape LED is an animated 9.8-by-6.5 foot backdrop drape powered by 176 high output, tri-colored SMD LEDs for full, color-mixing capabilities and wide viewing angles. This drape features 30 eye-catching motion graphics, ranging from a multicolored rain effect to a graphic equalizer effect, and also includes dimming capabilities.

MotionFacade LED is a perfect companion to MotionDrape LED. MotionFacade LED is an animated, 6.5-by-3.3 foot front board drape system powered by 66 high output, tri-colored SMD LEDs. MotionFacade LED has the same great built in motion graphics as the MotionDrape LED, which are accessible in standalone mode or via DMX for a synchronized show.

For added convenience, MotionDrape LED has grommets on all four sides to make installation a breeze and is designed to hang perfectly on the Chauvet CH-31 portable trussing system. MotionFacade LED includes grommets, hanging loops and Velcro to allow for multiple mounting options. Both drapes are crafted from certified flame retardant velour fabric and include a free bag to simplify storage and transport.

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