Rhum ClA(C)ment, Debuts ClA(C)ment 6 & 10 Year Old Grande RA(C)serve Aged Rums in the U.S

Each year, Rhum Clément, the world’s leading producer of A.O.C. Martinique Rhum Agricole, releases carefully selected aged Rhum Agricole as part of its Grand Réserve Portfolio. To celebrate its 125th Anniversary and to honor its heritage and history, Rhum Clément has launched two exceptional limited released world-class aged rhum expressions from the Grand Réserve portfolio in the US market for the first time in more than five years. with the release of the  Clément 6 Year Old Grande Reserve Très Vieux and the Clément 10 Year Old Grande Reserve Très Vieux.

“We have waited patiently as the super-premium rum category has matured in the United States. We are delighted to see sophisticated spirit enthusiasts, who may have always appreciated Whiskey or Cognac, discover Martinique Rhum Agricole; and they have found our aged rhums very appealing to their palate. We always were confident we had the attention of the rum connoisseurs who have known about our rhums for generations, but to see the stunning attraction we see from those who appreciate other fine spirits has been a joy to experience. As we have been excited to celebrate 2012 as our 125th anniversary, we felt this was a fine occasion to introduce our newest fans to more of the rhums we are already famous for throughout the Caribbean and in Europe. The Clément 6 and 10 Year Old aged rhum really push the envelope on what one defines as the typical flavor profile for dark or aged rum.” – Benjamin Mélin-Jones; Director of North America and descendent of Homère Clément.

Clément 6 Year Old Grande Réserve Très Vieux is remarkable as a relatively young aged Rhum Agricole. This is a rum that has been aged a minimum of six years in a combination of virgin French barriques and re-charred Bourbon barrels. The alchemy of the sugarcane distillate resting against with these varieties of wood result in a masculine aged rhum with a broad smoked aroma and an extended sweet finish of fresh sugarcane. This rhum is preceded with dark chocolate and spicy notes of cinnamon and vanilla baking spices with a touch of warm fruit cake. The roundness of this exceptional aged rum is a result of how well integrated the rum has been balanced under the Cellar Master’s hand. The Clément 6 Year Old Aged Rhum can be appreciated in a simple stirred cocktail, or with an ice cube to open up the heart of the spirit.

The Clément 10 Year Old Grande Réserve Très Vieux has been aged a minimum of 10 years in a combination of virgin French barriques and re-charred Bourbon barrels, yielding an exceptional aged Agricole Rhum with unique characteristics of grilled plantain and aromas of roasted chestnut. The mid-palate brings sharp tobacco wrapper flavor, dried stone fruit, raw mahogany, and concludes with an extended dry and smokey finish. This is an exceptional aged rhum is meant to be sipped and savored and can pair up with a world-class cigar.

Both the Clément 6 Year Old Grande Réserve Très Vieux and the Clément 10 Year Old Grande Réserve Très Vieux are true representations of Rhum Clément’s commitment to excellence for the past 125 years. With over a century of dedication to quality and craftsmanship, Rhum Clément represents the definition of legacy, heritage and superb taste. Years later, the brand continues evolve and attract new patrons by remaining dedicated to producing the finest Rhum Agricole which garners high praise from the most respected taste makers across the globe. Today, Rhum Clément is sipped and savored, or chosen for signature cocktails at the finest establishments all over the world and can be found in more than 65 countries.   Enjoy Rhum Clément and discover true rhum perfection.


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