Rokz Introduces New Products for Making the Ultimate Craft Cocktail

NEW YORK, NY – rokz, the up and coming brand for craft cocktail creations, releases two new products to their growing lineup of cocktail infusions products. Hop & Vine Infusion and their Wild Hibiscus Infusion are two products poised to make their mark in 2015 for offering something unique, innovating and refreshing in taste to the home cocktail enthusiast, craft bartender and consumer.

Whether it is a timeless cocktail or a new cocktail creation, rokz provides the best ingredients and easy-to-use products that are making cocktails much easier to prepare and more delicious. Both Hop & Vine Infusion and the Wild Hibiscus Infusion can be poured with a range of spirits including vodka, gin, whiskey and even white wine to create a range of craft cocktails for the consumer’s desired taste and preference.

The rokz Hop & Vine Infusion and the Wild Hibiscus Infusion is available nationwide online, at select department stores such as Nordstrom and at retail stores including Whole Foods. The suggested retail price for Hop & Vine is $10.99 and Wild Hibiscus is $10.99.

The rokz brand has great tasting products that can be used all year round. No matter what the weather is like, rokz infusions, cocktail sugars and salts are to be enjoyed through all the seasons. rokz is a favorite at bars and at home for their inventive beverages and new craft cocktails. It’s no wonder why mixologists, beverage enthusiasts, spirits connoisseurs and national media adore the brand so much. The rokz line of products are sold at select department stores such as Nordstrom, retail stores such as Whole Foods and nationwide online at


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