Sazerac Introduces EPIC Vodka for Epic Times

The Sazerac Company is introducing a new vodka – EPIC – named for the great moments often found in everyday living, yet sometimes taken for granted.  Made with vodka imported from France, Epic is inspired by centuries-old distilling traditions, providing the cleanest tasting vodka in an attractive bottle with an equally attractive price point.

“Epic events are all around you,” said Tracey Clapp, marketing director vodka.  “The good times you might normally fail to appreciate — an evening spent together with friends, an unexpectedly perfect first date, a backyard volleyball game —are all epic in their own way. EPIC Vodka embodies these values and this truth: the good things in life are closer than you think.”

EPIC is made with hand-selected wheat harvested from the Champagne region in France and is distilled in the Cognac region.

“‘Epic’” is not fantasy; it’s you, in your life right now with the people who matter most. You are living the epic life,” continued Clapp. “It’s a brand that promotes that right now is forever, so find the time to do what you love.  And with its clean, crisp taste, easy mixabilitity and attractive price point, it’s a brand that is easy to add to your gatherings to make those memories that last.”

EPIC vodka will be available in a classic unflavored vodka at 80 proof plus six different flavors in 70 proof each; Peach, Whipped Cream, Kiwi Strawberry, Cherry, Cake and Coconut.  More flavors will be added at later dates.  The brand is supported at retail by case cards, large displays, channel cards and recipe booklets. EPIC will start shipping to about 30 states in February and will be available nationwide as the year progresses. It is available in 1.75 ml, Liter, 750 ml and 50 ml. Suggested retail pricing for EPIC 750 ml is $12.99.


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