Seagram's Gin Adds Peach to its Twisted Gin Portfolio

Seagram's Gin is announcing the newest flavor addition to its popular Twisted Gin portfolio. Seagram’s Peach Twisted™ Gin, available nationally in September, combines traditional Seagram’s Gin with the sweet, juicy flavor of fresh peach, making it a refreshing choice to offer consumers at retail and on-premise. Like all Seagram’s Twisted flavors, Seagram’s Peach Twisted is delicious served on the rocks or combined with sodas or juices for a unique twist on classic cocktails.  Seagram's Peach Twisted Gin will be joining Seagram’s Grape Twisted™, Raspberry Twisted™, Apple Twisted™, Lime Twisted™, Orange Twisted™ and most recently added, Pineapple Twisted ™, Gin flavors.

“Seagram’s Gin is committed to delivering innovative and delicious flavors to meet consumer demand,” said Mara Washington, Senior Brand Manager, Seagram’s, Pernod Ricard USA. “Peach is one of the fastest growing flavor segments today making this the perfect time to add Peach Twisted to our dynamic portfolio of flavored gin products. Seagram’s Peach Twisted creates a uniquely delicious taste that can be delivered in a variety of cocktails such as the signature Berry Peach Fizz. It is sure to please consumers looking for the next new flavor sensation while boosting sales for retailers and on-premise operators alike.

The signature Seagram’s Peach Twisted Berry Peach Fizz cocktail recipe (shown below) will be featured on the bottle’s back label, providing consumers with a delicious and easy-to-create cocktail experience at home:

Berry Peach Fizz:

·       2 parts Seagram’s Peach Twisted Gin

·       Cranberry Juice

·       Club Soda

In a rocks glass over ice, add Seagram’s Peach Twisted Gin. Fill to the top with cranberry juice and add a splash ofclub soda. Garnish with a lime.


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