Smirnoff Vodka Releases TV Spot As Part Of New Global Marketing Campaign

SmirnoffSmirnoff Vodka has a new global marketing campaign, “Exclusively For Everybody” because exclusivity is out, and it’s time to let everyone in for honest, good times.

Smirnoff brings its new campaign to life with its new TV Spot, “The Party,” featuring Alison Brie of NBC’s Community and Adam Scott of NBC’s Parks and Recreation. The video tells the story of two friends planning and hosting a party while poking fun at the elements that get in the way of honest, effortless good times. Watch it here:

In addition to the long-form digital film, SMIRNOFF is releasing six 30 second spots for “The Party” which illustrates the brand’s belief that exclusivity for few is less fun than good times. Highlighting social responsibility, one 30 second spot titled: Ride Home (linked below) is dedicated to responsible drinking.

Experience “The Party” and watch all six 30 second TV Spots below:

Here is a link to additional photos you can utilize:


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