Socket Mobile Announces SocketScan 10 Software Development Kit

NEWARK, Calif. – Socket Mobile, Inc., an innovative provider of mobile productivity solutions, announced the availability of the SocketScan 10 Software Development Kit (SDK) for Apple iOS.

The SocketScan 10 SDK for Apple is a highly versatile barcode scanning tool that enables developers to add commercial-grade rapid and robust barcode scanning capabilities to their smartphone, tablet, notebook and desktop applications.

“Developers creating applications that incorporate barcode scanning for the Apple iOS will find that the SocketScan 10 SDK provides an enhanced level of control when it comes to programming the Socket Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner (CHS) 7Xi,” said Samantha Chu, data collection product manager at Socket Mobile. “In terms of usage scenarios, this SDK goes beyond Human Interface Device (HID) support and offers more flexibility on Apple iOS devices than previous versions. The level of software sophistication and control over how a user interface is created and implemented is unequaled in the data collection industry for Apple devices.”

“Utilizing the SocketScan 10 SDK for the CHS 7Xi required minimal development effort and inherently solved all of the limitations associated with a HID based solution — namely the requirement of having a dedicated text area throughout our user interface to accept scanned data,” said Jim Duffy, principal and chief software architect at Vorpalware, developers of PlantLog, a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) designed to allow facility operations groups the ability to collect data using mobile devices.

“In just a few hours, our developers were able to implement basic barcoding functionality into the PlantLog software without any unwanted side effects,” said Duffy. “With the rich set of APIs provided in the SocketScan 10 SDK, we were able to produce a clean and elegant integration between our iOS-based PlantLog software and the CHS 7Xi that satisfies the high demands of an enterprise class product.”


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