SpellBrite LED Signage System Helps Nightclubs and Bars Attract More Customers

SpellBriteOptiva Signs recently launched a revolutionary new product, SpellBrite, a "click together" LED signage system.  Optiva is touting SpellBrite as the most powerful onsite messaging system a nightclub or bar owner can use to attract more customers – it unites the bright, striking impact of neon with the flexibility of print.  The results support the claim of SpellBrite’s effectiveness.  Customers are reporting sales increases of up to 40% when using SpellBrite to communicate their unique offerings, promotions or other compelling messages.

“Bright illuminated signs attract more customers, because they capture the attention of prospective customers – the human eye is drawn to light 5 to 6 times the ambient level.” says Sean Callahan, President and CEO of Optiva.  “Paper signs, vinyl stickers and backlit signs lack impact in the day and fade away at night.  The traditional light source for bright signs, neon, is plagued with safety hazards, maintenance hassles, environmental issues, and aesthetic challenges.  The solution is SpellBrite.”

SpellBrite’s 44 letters, numbers, and characters allow users to create eye-catching, cost-effective window signs to advertise any custom message and to change the message at will.  With this changeability, a nightclub or bar owner can continually test messages and change promotions to find those most appealing to customers.  This allows SpellBrite users to test, measure, and retest their way to greater success.

Bar and nightclub owners can let their creativity run wild with SpellBrite.  Due to SpellBrite’s lightweight design and multiple mounting options, the ultra-bright POP of “neon” can be added virtually anywhere inside the establishment.  The custom message can be hung from chains, mounted to a wall or placed on any flat surface.  Each SpellBrite sign includes onboard animation and dimming controls, allowing the owner to set the desired amount of attention-getting impact for each sign at each location.  Since SpellBrite does not contain glass, exposed electronics, harmful gasses or sharp edges, it can be placed near customer areas previously out of the question when neon was the only option.

Optiva also recently launched www.SpellBrite.com, an e-commerce website for SpellBrite.  The streamlined website, which includes video demonstrations of SpellBrite's simple assembly, is user-friendly, intuitive and accessible, with an interactive feature that allows customers to quickly build their own signs and to visualize the results immediately.  The sign builder even calculates the dimensions and power draw of the user-created sign.

As a special benefit to readers of Nightclub & Bar, visitors to www.SpellBrite.com can use the coupon code “NCB2014” and get 25% to 50% off all purchases through July 31 2014. Orders are shipped within one business day of being placed. 

Use a SpellBrite sign at your establishment and you will quickly understand why other successful businesses are excited about SpellBrite.


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