Stand out from the Competition with Elevated Beverage Presentation

Libbey's Master's Reserve Renaissance glassware is versatile, strong and timeless.

With more nightclubs and bars experimenting with creative beverage offerings, establishments can set themselves apart through presentation and service. Creating a positive, memorable experience can be as important to the customer as the beverage itself.

Nightclubs and bars are continuing to profit from the “cocktail culture” trend. Guests’ desires for creativity is matched by their willingness to pay more for high quality beverages. At the same time, competition for patrons is strong with many establishments embracing the same trends to attract guests – whether by featuring whiskey, barrel-aged gin, seasonal flavors, mocktails or creatively shaped ice. Competition is also coming from the homefront. As consumers are exposed to creative mixology in bars and clubs and share pictures and recipes through social media, they get more adventurous. Now, they’re more willing to try their own hand at creative mixology at home.

The Right Glass for the Right Beverage

To elevate the beverage experience and keep guests coming back requires choosing the right glass for the right beverage. This creates a visual appeal that draws the eyes of fellow patrons and justifies the premium price to the guest. For example, brilliant glass tumblers, reminiscent of the cut glass of prohibition days, showcase reinventions of currently popular classics from gin to rum to bourbon.

Whether it’s retro or the latest mocktail creation, nothing elevates a beverage like premium glassware that appeals to all of your guests’ senses. Libbey® created the Master’s Reserve® Collection to do just that. Its optical purity and dazzling sparkle make any beverage look stunning. The colors of a rosé or garnish from infused water shine through like with no other glass. Likewise, Master’s Reserve’s precise balance in the hand lets your guests feel the luxuriousness of the glass and quality of the beverage while its resonating ping is music to their ears. Most importantly, the shapes of Master’s Reserve are carefully crafted to enhance flavors and aromas.

Master’s Reserve Renaissance pattern provides an array of stemware and stemless options to suit any beverage menu. It elevates your wine list, cocktail creations, mocktails and even water service and is available in an assortment of sizes in wine, red wine, goblet, brandy, martini, flutes and stemless.

Renaissance is the perfect collection for your entire beverage menu for the fall season. With pumpkin, apple, pear and cranberry flavors as top trends this autumn, the glassware options from the Renaissance collection are the perfect presentation to enhance these fall-flavor beverage creations:

  • Serve up spiced tea infusions or seasonal hot toddies in stylish goblets
  • Offer cinnamon and other spiced rims coupled with fall flavor infused vodkas in the martini glass
  • Provide a sophisticated vessel for calvados or cognac in the brandy glass
  • Highlight local seasonal sangrias in the wine glasses
  • Create apple cider or pear mimosas in the flutes
  • Give seasonal fruit water service pure shine in the stemless glasses

Master’s Reserve Offers Stunning, Enduring Presentation 

Renaissance, along with Prism, Rivere and Symmetry, make up Master’s Reserve Luxe collection. Luxe is premium American-made glassware with both elegance and strength. It is designed to meet a nightclub or bar’s dual desires for exquisite presentation and superior service life. Its unprecedented flat foot enables a strong, stable and positively stunning presentation. Additionally, Luxe is backed by Libbey’s industry-leading service and support, including lifetime HD2 Rim and Foot Guarantee which is unmatched by any other glass manufacturer.

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