SteadyServ Announces Kegonomics - Analytics for Draft Beer

Carmel, IN -- SteadyServ Technologies, the first data-as-a-service company for the global draft beer market, announces Kegonomics™ - a data analytics platform for purveyors of draft beer. Measuring precise, real-time keg depletion data through SteadyServ’s Internet of Things solution, Kegonomics displays where draft beer waste occurs and provides actionable intelligence to increase beverage profit.

“Up until this point, much of what the industry thought it knew about draft beer has been wrong,” said Steve Hershberger, CEO of SteadyServ. “On average, more than 20 percent of the beer in each keg is wasted, due to simply guessing how much is left – and guesswork is never a good business strategy. Moreover, while raising the price of beer too much may cause a reduction in sales, lowering it by the same amount can have even larger consequences.  With Kegonomics, retailers can – for the first time – be aware of how much and where waste is occurring, providing the actionable insights needed to fix the problem and drive more revenue.”

Accessed via mobile or web in the SteadyServ app, customers deploy Kegonomics to measure key variables as it relates to draft waste, turning metrics into interactive visualizations to power decision making. The Kegonomics initial feature set includes:

Beer Waste Insights– presents days of the week where the most waste occurs, identifies the most-wasted beer, how your waste is trending from the previous time period, and how you stack up against the industry average for waste.

Opportunity Loss –shows how much beer was poured, but not sold, and the missed profit as a result. This includes a granular breakdown of each individual beer on tap.

Available now for both iOS and Android, Kegonomics runs 24/7, ensuring that data is always available and current. Data can be displayed daily, weekly, or monthly, and SteadyServ customers receive a weekly email that details total opportunity loss from the previous week.

SteadyServ first disrupted the beer industry in 2012, when it began putting kegs online with its smart scale and IoT solution. The company continues to evolve and is growing rapidly; it currently has several hundred customers across the United States, as well as a growing European and Canadian presence. Due to the proven value the SteadyServ system provides, the company is on pace to grow its customer base by 5x in 2016.

To learn more about Kegonomics, visit

About SteadyServ Technologies, LLC:
Founded in 2012, SteadyServ is built for the next wave of the beer and beverage industry. The company’s revolutionary SaaS beer management and inventory platform gives retailers the tools that they need to sell every last drop of beer and successfully connect with the end customer. SteadyServ’s patented technology tracks and analyzes real-time beer data, minimizing waste and generating valuable insights for owners, buyers and servers. SteadyServ is headquartered in Carmel, Ind. with an office in Research Triangle, N.C. For more information, visit


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