Stolichnaya Introduces Stoli Hot and Sticki

This spring, Stolichnaya Premium vodka celebrates 50 years of pioneering the flavored-vodka category by introducing Stoli Hot and Stoli Sticki. Remixes on Pertsovka (Pepper) and Okhotnichya (Honey and Herb), the first flavored vodkas ever coStoli Hotmmercially produced by Stolichnaya in 1962, Stoli Hot and Stoli Sticki offer a perfect balance of sweet and heat.
Stoli Hot offers the warm, fiery sensation of jalapeño peppers with significant mouth-heat. It is spicy on the palate yet has a delicate smoky quality. By contrast, Stoli Sticki is inspired by the candied, warm palate of the finest honey and has the added complexity of discernible floral notes that complement the subtle sweetness of its flavor profile.
The brand developed unique packaging for the new flavors with a glistening honeycomb adorning the bottle neck and cap of Stoli Sticki and flames that blaze up the side of Stoli Hot’s bottle neck and cap. On the label, Stoli Sticki features a dipper dripping with golden honey while Stoli Hot has a label illustrated with crimson and deep green jalapeño peppers. In a departure from the tradition of naming flavors after their taste profile, “Hot” and “Sticki” are fun and contemporary riffs that represent the mood of each flavor.
In addition to Stoli Hot and Stoli Sticki, the Stolichnaya Flavored Premium vodka portfolio currently includes Chocolat Razberi, White Pomegranik Ohranj, Blueberi, Razberi, Vanil, Citros, Cranberi, Peachik, Strasberi, Gala Applik and Wild Cherri.
Both Stoli Hot and Stoli Sticki take a premium cocktail to the next level by adding an exceptional layer of flavor resulting in a truly sophisticated and nuanced drink. The flavors are delicious as a straight shot, combined for a sweet and spicy shooter, or as part of a great cocktail.


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