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Houston, TX The old adage says everything is bigger in Texas. At Three Lumps of Sugar that applies to our hand-milled products. From sweet and spicy jalapeno or habanero sugar to our cold smoked applewood sea salt, our products add big flavor and flair to any creation you dare to mix up.

TLS products allow you to build a stable of modifiers that add dimension and personality to your cocktails without dominating them. Crafted daily in small batches, our products contain only natural ingredients. It’s important to let the flavors of the beverage and garnish shine through without any interference from artificial colors or flavors.

More than a pretty edge, our products can be added directly to cocktails or used to make unique simple syrups. Simple syrups are less expensive than housemade alcohol infusions and are easier to tweak or blend to create a unique flavor profile. You can modify the garnish on your cocktails to celebrate holidays and special occasions.


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Tropical and Tiki drinks are perfect recipients for our products. But, even non-tropical drinks can benefit. Alleviate that bitter mint taste in your Juleps by using our peppermint sugar instead of muddled mint. Apple balsamic sugar or ginger sugar adds a nice touch to classic cocktails and can start you on the road to a standout beverage program.

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About Three Lumps of Sugar

Three Lumps of Sugar is a small, family owned business based in Houston, TX. One of the owners is a former bartender and chef who thrives on creating unique flavor profiles.

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