TY KU Announces TY KU Soju

TY KU announces TY KU Soju, an addition to their premium portfolio of Asian wines and spirits. TY KU is the first to introduce soju tosoju the United States by unveiling a modern update of this ancient beverage to health-conscious consumers across the country. A premium clear spirit that is comparable with vodka, TY KU Soju improves the drinking experience with 40% fewer calories and a sophisticated taste.

Hand-crafted, TY KU creates an unparallel premium soju. TY KU Soju is created with 100% premium barley that is handpicked in Oita, Japan, contributing to its smooth taste. The flavor profile is light and balanced with hints of citrus; this is achieved through TY KU’s use of white koji, which is widely revered for its ability to bring out lighter floral notes. To ensure unrivaled purity, TY KU Soju utilizes pristine spring water, naturally filtered within the cedar forests of the Kyushu Mountains. Bottled in a traditional distillery dating back to the Edo period, TY KU Soju is distilled three times with reduced-pressure, single-pot distillation, providing a crisp, clean finish.

TY KU Soju is a natural flavor catalyst. It absorbs and enhances the flavor of fruits, mixers and other fresh ingredients for lower calories and better-tasting cocktails. Mixologists, chefs and tastemakers around the country are rapidly falling in love with TY KU Soju and featuring it on distinguished cocktail menus across the nation.

The TY KU Soju bottle, with its strikingly beautiful blue transparent fading glass, is inspired by the picturesque mist covered mountain ranges and the pristine blue skies of Japan. Remaining identifiable, the bottle maintains the distinctive iconic and award-winning TY KU bottle shape.

TY KU Soju is the only soju to be honored with the Five Star Diamond Award and received the highest rating as a no-aged soju/shochu at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


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