Using the Right Glassware Makes Your Creation a Masterpiece

American-made luxury glassware delivers presentation, performance and profitability

The rise of the cocktail culture is no passing fad. With 29 percent of guests choosing restaurants based on their specialty drink menus (NPD Group, 2015), bartenders, cicerones and sommeliers understand the importance of creating diverse beverage experiences. These beverage experts work to transform everyday glasses of wine and spirits into artful cocktails, commanding top-shelf prices.

Part of that transformation includes choosing the right glass to showcase the drinks. More than vessels for beverage service, the right glass heightens the overall experience by stimulating all the senses – taste, aroma, visual appeal, even the feel of the glass in the hand. This multi-sensory presentation means guests will pay more and keep coming back to your establishment.

The Master’s Reserve® Collection from Libbey®, America’s Glassmaker™, was designed with this in mind. Available in five stunning designs, this unique glassware offers a full sensory experience and perfects the flow of beverages to the palate, intensifies aromas and offers balance in the hand. “Master’s Reserve embodies Libbey’s long-standing glassware expertise and drive toward innovation,” said Susan J. Dountas, director of foodservice marketing for Libbey Inc. “Our glassmakers reimagined and re-engineered the manufacturing process from furnace to finishing to deliver a premium collection that’s unlike any glass in Libbey’s industry-leading offering.”

Details that redefine the bar experience

The Master’s Reserve Collection incorporates the best of today’s high performance glassware technology to world-class levels. A simple cocktail can be made extraordinary, and command a higher price, when served in premium glassware like Master’s Reserve.

  • A whisper thin, beadless edge featuring Libbey’s exclusive HD2 rim, which provides high definition and high durability
  • A deep DuraTemp treatment for longer service life
  • ClearFireTM glass formulated with High Brilliance Soda Lime for a purely radiant shine that enhances the color of the wine or cocktail
  • Stemware with an unprecedented flat foot for stability; tall, svelte stems; seamless bowls and stems; and strong, slender walls. 

Elegant designs enhance beverage service

Master’s Reserve is currently available in three stemmed patterns:

  • Renaissance: A reinvention of a classic shape, Renaissance offers a subtle, seamless design noted with sparkling clarity and an exquisite flat foot.
  • Prism: Featuring a wide bowl that increases surface area encouraging the wine to breathe, Prism stemware offers extraordinary angles that are striking to the eye.
  • Rivere: Offering free-flowing movement with a gracefully designed bowl, Rivere stands apart with its dramatic, yet alluring height.

Master’s Reserve also includes premium barware:

  • Symmetry: Featuring thick shams and alluring curves, Symmetry provides ideal weight, balance and elegance.
  • Modernist: Unassuming yet surprisingly bold with a contemporary feel, the thick sidewalls and strong lines bring high-performance durability to any venue or event.
  • Renaissance Stemless: Inspired by natural beauty, Renaissance Stemless brings classic elegance and modern aesthetics to everything from water to the finest of cocktails.

Libbey’s Master’s Reserve Collection helps food and beverage customers meet their guests’ growing expectations,” Dountas said. “This is our latest step in helping establishments capitalize on trends and elevate their guests’ experience. Whether it’s a bar or club, serving with the right drinkware adds to authenticity and guest satisfaction that ultimately can help the bottom line.”

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