Web-based Point of Sale Software SpotSync Checkout Enters Beta Testing

SpotSyncSpotSync, located in Laguna Hills, Calif. has announced that the company has finished Alpha testing and will be entering Beta testing on.  SpotSync is actively seeking Beta sites for its innovative online point of sale (POS) software that’s designed to help retail, quick service and restaurant owners quickly realize profits without major cash outlays. SpotSync Checkout tracks sales, manages inventory and enhances customer service.  Designed as a smart SaaS application, SpotSync Checkout will be offered as a service at subscription pricing, delivering all of the functionality of a standard, on-site POS application at minimal cash outlay.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance requires a high level of security for each transaction, and operators must guard against both wired and wireless threats. Information must flow securely and efficiently with built-in redundancy. SpotSync Checkout takes advantage of Mercury's E2E™ (end-to-end encryption) to eliminate the PCI protection requirements. Some of today’s most malicious software is designed to steal credit card data from peripherals, such as magnetic card readers and keyboards. By instantly encrypting swiped or manually keyed card data, information that is skimmed by malware is rendered useless because it can only be decrypted by Mercury.  E2E helps merchants achieve PCI compliance since encrypted data is not considered card data, and SpotSync Checkout never stores, processes or transmits cardholder data.

SpotSync Checkout is an online POS software solution that gives users the added bonus of having their data stored in secure online cloud-based servers, which are easily accessible anywhere in the world, at any time. Another unique feature is that SpotSync Checkout instantly updates information across all locations in real-time.  SpotSync is targeting a production date in early November.  Beta testing starts on October 24, 2013, and  interested parties are urged to register at:  https://checkout.spotsync.com/#/signup


New product features that have been added to SpotSync Checkout for Beta testing include:

  • Improved Speed throughout SpotSync Checkout
    • Synchronization of data among devices is now real-time.
    • Improved overall load times, rendering any actions and page load times two to four times faster
  • Revamped Reports
    • Improved the look and feel of reports.
    • Added Sales, Customers, Employees, Payment Methods, Products, Current Stock, Vendors and Taxes Reports.
  • New Retail Interface
    • Now users can see pictures of items being added to the invoice and additional item information.  This feature helps eliminate theft as bar codes can no longer be switched.
  • Item Modifiers for Retail, Restaurant and Quick Service
    • Item modifiers can be easily set up by category, reducing the need to create modifiers for each individual item.
    • Each item now has a components section where you can select components that make up the item.
    • Different prices and quantities for each item modifier will automatically update in the invoice.
    • User can now define their own descriptors (extra cheese, mustard, etc.)  Descriptors are used in conjunction with modifiers.  A descriptor can be created called “double”, which will add a quantity of two.
  • Intelligent Purchase Orders
    • You now have the ability to generate purchase orders by Items, reducing time spent manually locating each Item by Vendor.
    • Alternatively you can create a purchase order by a Vendor.
    • You can generate purchase orders by current inventory reorder levels.  If an item is below the reorder level, then a purchase order will be automatically generated.
    • Purchase orders can be faxed inside of SpotSync Checkout to their appropriate vendors, eliminating the need to print and manually fax the purchase order. This reduces paper waste and saves you money because you no longer need a fax machine and fax line.  It also reduces the amount of steps necessary to send a fax to a simple button click.
    • You also have the ability to email and print purchase orders from inside SpotSync Checkout.
  • Support for Kits
    • Kits are the different combinations of items that can be sold together optionally at one price.
  • Revamped Modifier Windows
    • Instead of small modal boxes to add and edit data, the user will now be presented with a cleanly designed, entirely fluid page that automatically adjusts to the user’s screen.
  • Process Returns
    • Cashier can now process Returns at the register by scanning the barcode on the receipt or going in to Return mode and adding the items to the invoice.
  • Close Day
    • You now have the ability to Close Day by Cashier, Register and/or by Store.
    • Instantly preview end of day summary report by Cashier, Register or by Store.
  • Kitchen Tickets
    • Assigned table numbers and order numbers can be added to kitchen tickets.
    • Support for two-tone impact printers.  Modifiers are printed in red.
  • Taxable Items
    • Items can now be tax-exempt
    • Items can now have item-specific taxes (tobacco, alcohol, etc.)
  • Currencies and Denominations
    • User can now add their own currencies and denominations (pennies, nickels, shilling, crown, etc.). This plays into our globalization initiative.

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