The World's First 15L Nebuchadnezzar Bottle of RosA(C) Champagne

Since Armand de Brignac Champagne first launched, the luxury Champagne brand set out to do things differently and distinctively. Therefore they are proud to announce the release their 15L Rosé Nebuchadnezzar, which sets another new record for Armand de Brignac: it is the largest bottle of Rosé Champagne ever produced. The massive, handmade bottle is equivalent to twenty regular-sized bottles and is presented in an opulent, metallized pink vessel.

We are proud to be releasing the world’s largest Rosé champagne bottle in existence. The Armand de Brignac Rosé prestige cuvée is fresh and full-bodied on the palate with a rich and pure bouquet of red fruits up front and aromas of fresh strawberries and blackcurrant,” said Philippe Bienvenu, commercial director for Armand de Brignac Champagne.

“The reception of our largest sizes has far exceeded our wildest expectations. It is impossible to keep our 30L Midas stocked due to extreme demand and we are anticipating the same for the new 15L Rosé Nebuchadnezzar,” Bienvenu continued.

In 2011, we unveiled our exclusive 30L bottle, the colossal “Midas,” which was named after the mythological king who could turn whatever he touched into gold. The Armand de Brignac Midas currently holds world records for both the largest and most expensive bottle of Champagne ever sold.


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