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During this year’s Beverage Executive Symposium, Jordan Kivelstadt of Free Flow Wines had some enticing information to share about wine on tap or WOT. First and foremost, the founder and CEO shared that WOT has seen 14% growth per month over the past three years. Wine on tap certainly seems like a trend that isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

WOT also affects operations costs positively. Most venues that serve wine in the traditional manner see anywhere from 6% to 15% waste in their programs while WOT sees waste of less than a single percent. In general, Free Flow Wines has seen white wines last 12 months in keg with red wines lasting 18 months. Once tapped, the kegs last around 3 months as they’re anaerobic environments. Operators who have adopted Free Flow Wines systems specifically have recovered the cost of the install in less than 12 months and enjoy an average wholesale price of $9 per bottle for premium wines. When it comes to labor costs, WOT means less time stocking, opening and throwing out bottles and more glasses sold. Wines on tap encourages guest experimentation since they can be offered tastes and opt for by-the-glass or carafe purchases. Tasting, of course, can lead to more consumption by guests and therefore more ounces sold.

Options aren’t limited to service, either. Free Flow offers its accounts direct draw, long draw and mobile system options, along with dual zone keg boxes that serve 4 red wines and 4 white at the ideal temperatures. With over 400 SKUs and many high-end brands available, there are plenty of options when it comes to creating a wine program around wines on tap.

The list of companies that have adopted Free Flow Wines certainly lends credibility to WOT and this company specifically. Whole Foods, PF Chang’s, Lyfe Kitchen, Del Frisco’s Grille, Shake Shack, The Ritz-Carlton, Disney World, Hakkasan, The Phoenician, Hyatt, MGM Grand and Caesars Palace have all installed Free Flow systems on their properties. To learn more, visit TryWineOnTap.com.

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