Zignum Mezcal Launches in the United States

With its recent debut at the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival in February, Mexico-based distillery Casa Armando Guillermo Prieto is proud to announce the official launch of Zignum Mezcal in Zignumthe U.S. market.

Made with 100% green agave and exuding a smooth, earthy taste, Zignum Mezcal is pure and easy to mix. It is available in two styles: the fresh and crisp Silver Mezcal and the more refined Reposado Mezcal, meaning “rested,” or aged for at least two months. The Silver version boasts a soft aroma, fruity notes and a delicate agave flavor, making it ideal for mixing, while the Reposado’s woodsy taste and delicate vanilla scent make it equally delicious on the rocks or as part of a mixed cocktail.

Zignum’s plant has also been certified clean by the Mexican Environment Protection Agency.

Mezcal is produced by cooking, fermenting and distilling extracted juices from green agave plantsnative to the Mexican state of Oaxaca. With more than 400 years of history, it is Mexico’s oldest spirit, an integral part of Mexican culture full of legends, history, flavors and folklore. It is also complex, as 23 species of maguey agave are used to produce mezcal.

The seamless production process, untouched by human hands, is what makes Zignum Mezcal unique. The brand uses only the finest green agaves — known as espadin — a long, pointed-leafed agave grown for a minimum of eight years before it is plucked from the earth and separated from its pineapple-like core.

Zignum Mezcal extracts the juices of the agave plant before steam-cooking them, which eliminates the smoky taste and reduces the levels of methanol and saturated alcohols. The result is a silky smooth spirit with a cleantaste that allows consumers to fully appreciate the flavor of the green agave in its true form.

For more information, visit www.zignummezcal.com or www.facebook.com/zignum.


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