2017 Marketing & Promotions Planning Guide and Holiday Calendar

Big things have been happening in our industry. Big movement in craft beer, big movement in whiskey, big changes in consumer tastes and demands, big changes to marketing and promotions, big technology, and big in the way we do business. A big part of what has driven change and trends is the Millennial demographic, a big segment with big impact.

Now that we’ve entered the year 2017, we want to help you ring big profits.

With that in mind, we’re proud to present to you Nightclub & Bar’s 2017 Marketing & Promotions Planning Guide and Holiday Calendar. This is our most extensive – our biggest – planning guide and calendar to date, and we believe it will inspire you to come up with profitable and creative promotions. For your convenience, this is set up for you to easily sync to your Google Calendar with nothing but a click or two. It may look utilitarian rather than flashy but this is, after all, a tool, one we hope you’ll take advantage of to build your business’ bottom line.

It’s important that you understand how each one of the promotions you choose to run fits into the overall big picture of your marketing and promotions strategy. We suggest viewing each promotion as a single step in a series of activities designed to build sales. Mapping them all out at the beginning of the year allows you to see how individual promos fit together to make a bigger impact on your business. Look over our calendar with your team, come up with promotions for dates on which you think your business will shine, and find dates that fall on days of the week during which your business is slow in order to create promotions to draw in guests. Plan through all 52 weeks of the year and commit to reevaluate your plan at the 26-week mark.

With a successful plan in hand and the continuous updates we provide on Nightclub.com you’ll be armed with ideas to attract crowds every day of the year! The more you plan, the easier and more successful your promotions will become.

Where to Start:

  • Identify a weekday that you see as having potential to increase sales.
  • Establish a revenue goal based on past sales history for that particular day.
  • Budget appropriately, taking into consideration all the costs associated with running a promotion.
  • Based on your main focus carefully direct your promotions at the right audience.

A systematic approach to building sales can produce amazing results if you plan in detail and cover all the bases. Do not fall prey to the latest trends or fads: they won’t all complement your brand or relate to your target audience.  Keep in mind that the most effective promotional strategies are cohesive and well planned.

Promos are similar to stage productions: They need to be planned, budgeted, cast, rehearsed and directed. Each member of your team needs to know their role and what's expected of them. Here’s to you and an amazing 2016! We hope your cash registers keep ringing all the way through New Year’s Eve, when we ring in 2017.

Commemorative Months:

  • January - National Thank You Month, National Hobby Month
  • February - Black History Month
  • March - Red Cross Month, National Nutrition Month, National Reading Awareness Month
  • April - National Humor Month, National Volunteer Month, Earth Month
  • May - Military Appreciation Month, National Bike Month
  • June - National LGBT Pride Month
  • July - National Hot Dog Month
  • August - National Sandwich Month
  • September - California Wine Month
  • October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month, National Hispanic Heritage Month
  • November - Native American Indian Heritage Month, Peanut Butter Lovers Month
  • December - National Eggnog Month

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