5 Tips for Digital Supremacy

It's a constantly evolving digital world; new products and networks pop up daily. Deciding on which avenue will be the most effective and efficient for your business often can seem tedious and daunting, but tackling those issues and creating a social-media strategy is what differentiates your business from the competition.

Maria Miranda, creative director and principal of Miranda Creative, knows a thing or two about social media. She works with Maria Mirandaclients every day in an effort to formulate social-media plans that will keep them on the cutting edge without having them flounder in the digital ether. Here’s five tips every owner and operator should implement as they enter the growing technological world.

1. It comes down to three things: mobile media, social media and new media. Miranda says the biggest vulnerability with bar and nightclub owners is mobile media. SMS is just as important as understanding QR codes, she says. Owners aren’t aware “how the market is shifting, and they’re not paying attention to mobile,” especially as smartphones become more ubiquitous. The omnipresent devices do everything from searching to texting, and a business without a mobile-friendly website is missing out on customers. Miranda reminds that with QR codes becoming popular, mobile-friendly content can help deliver customers to your website, but if you don’t have a mobile-compliant website, Miranda suggests sending customers to your Facebook page or YouTube page, which already are designed to be mobile-friendly.

2. “The first thing I would tell (bar and club owners) is to focus on measurement systems,” Miranda says. She advises that for even the most novice of Internet users, Google Analytics is the best way to keep tabs on the keywords customers are using to find you. She also says owners should check on how many referrals are coming through their Facebook pages. “The first thing (needed) is a measurement system to put a turn style in place, so you have an idea of where people are coming from and where you can focus on,” she says.

3. Relationship-building is key. “There are more and more forms of media available,” Miranda says, which means there’s “less and less levels of saturation happening universally.” “Builiding relationship and creating an audience they can control” helps “expands followers on social media,” Miranda says. “What (business owners) want to do is build relationships so they can market to individuals that are already prequalified to have a relationship to them.”

4. Resources are a combination of human and financial. Maybe businesses think social media is a less expensive alternative, but it actually costs more in time. Miranda says you need someone on your team spending 10 hours a week communicating to an audience. A staff member needs to spend 30 minutes a day speaking to customers in social media seven days a week. “Being able to understand that what they’re giving up in mass messages requires time being spent for relationship messaging,” Miranda explains. Owners often are dealing with multiple issues from tax-code regulations to liquor licensing so outsourcing social media is a smart way to keep on trend without impeding the overall business practices.

5. Miranda's “bonus statement," a P.S. to where mobile is headed. “More and more searches are being done verbally through a phone,” she explains, such as through Apple’s Siri. When it comes to your web address, a device like Siri can get confusing. Mirana uses the example of a web address for clubeight.com. “Is it clubeight.com or clubate.com?” Miranda asked. “Siri won’t know the difference; she won’t get it. I personally think that smart business owners will be thinking about verbal search results and register domain names that are similar in sound.”

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