5 Tips for Thanksgiving Eve Promos

As one of the biggest bar days of the year, Thanksgiving Eve can either make or break your establishment. It’s a night that brings new and old patrons out, and if you’re not capitalizing on what they can do for your bottom line than you’re missing out on more than just profits. Get started early by planning promotion that will make your bar or club the go-to destination for many Black Wednesdays to come. Not sure how to execute a successful promo? Then here are some tips to help:

1. Thanksgiving is the official start of the holiday season, so incorporate festive contests and giveaways into your Black Wednesday promotion. Anything from gift cards to holiday-inspired treats will have guests keeping your establishment in mind throughout the end of the year, perhaps even enticing them stop by for New Year’s Eve, as well.

2. Thanksgiving Eve often is a large reunion date for patrons, and as an owner, you should go after these groups. Take advantage of people coming back in town by targeting alumni groups, placing advertisements through online college websites and using personal contacts, as well.

3. Maintain consistency. The number of patrons at your bar or club on Black Wednesday may increase, but you certainly don’t want to see those numbers dwindle. Think about going viral. Using social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, will tell your loyal customers why they should stop by your venue. Additionally, those loyal customers will bring along new customers as well. Attracting a crowd beyond regulars will show visiting patrons that your bar or club has a strong showing, and they’ll want to come back next to your place next year, as well.

4. Thanksgiving Eve isn’t the only time to draw crowds. Black Friday is just as popular, as people go out shopping for the good deals. Capitalize on this crowd by offering drink and food specials that will make your establishment stand out. For example, this year, the Glenview House in Glenview, Ill., is featuring a $5 Black Friday drink menu, offering a Pink Side Car Martini, a Christmas Pudding Martini, a Fuzzy Navel Martini, etc., to thirsty guests needing to take a break from the often hectic and overwhelming shopping day.

5. One of the biggest things about Thanksgiving Eve to remember is it’s a raucous time for your guests. They may be more inclined to drink more and act out when they’re around people they haven’t seen for a while. Be smart and plan for extra security, as well as taking precautionary safety measures. By talking to your staff and making sure they understand what to expect, as well as go over training techniques, will have your staff prepared in case things get out of hand.

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