5 Tips to Profit from a Pinterest Presence

As social media becomes more pervasive, understanding how to use it to your benefit is imperative. Facebook, Twitter and Yelp may already be a significant part of you marketing, but Pinterest, one of the fastest growing social networks, should be on your radar.

Jarrett Smith, president of Lakeland, Florida-based social media agency Maximize Social Media says what’s ultimately important is that bar and nightclub owners realize that social media isn’t going anywhere, and it needs to be integrated seamlessly in everyday life. “Social media is deeply imbedded in the world,” he adds, especially the Millennial generation which is soon to be the largest consumer base.

Pinterest, he said, is still a primitive platform compared to Facebook, but it’s starting to release business-friendly features. Smith discussed with Nightclub & Bar five tips on how Pinterest is ingratiating itself in the social media world and why its implementation is critical to any business’ success.

1. Pinterest is hyper viral. “Eighty percent of what people are pinning is not original to them,” Smith says. People pin interesting things they find on the Web, specifically high-quality photo content. “And so if you have a lot of high-quality content that can be really good for you.” People love sharing things photos, which can help enhance any business, he says. Videos from YouTube and Vimeo can also be uploaded and shared on Pinterest. The website works for high-quality material; “typical iPhone photos won't cut it on Pinterest.”

Smith has worked with high-end bars in New York in the past, and their professional photos show people the luxury outings guest go on. Plus, he says, “there’s no value in pinning other people’s stuff because they’ll trace it back to the source” not the bar's website, which can be detrimental to the business. 

2. Pinterest sets an aspirational mindset. Whereas Facebook and Twitter are focused on what’s happening right now, Pinterest gets users thinking about the way they want to live. Because of this, Pinterest traffic converts to sales and tends to be more purchase-oriented, Smith says.

3. Think about the aesthetic. When posting on Pinterest, the categories a bar and owner chooses have to grab potential customers’ attention. Smith suggests posting cocktail recipes or a recipe checklist that the bar is willing to share on the page. That way you have cocktail recipes on the page that link back to the establishment’s blog or website. Smith says to use a graphic designer to make sure the recipes look like something that would work well.

4. Use Pinterest to cross promote. More popular social networking sites can push people to Pinterest. Owners/operators can create a board around a certain scene or event. For example, if it’s St. Patrick’s Day, customers can create a board and submit it for the bar owners to pick a winner. “That’s something we do pretty frequently,” he says about their organization.

5. Familiarize yourself with Pinterest but do so cautiously. Although Pinterest is on the rise, Smith warns that it’s still in its infancy. “It’s low on the priority list,” he says. “You really want to focus on your website and search engine optimization; that would be a critical focus.”  Although social media “is so much more than Facebook,” Smith says it still holds the most power in the Internet realm. Even knowing that, however, Pinterest is very cool and offers bar and nightclub owner/operators another outlet to promote their establishment.

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