6 Tips for Better Food & Beverage Photos with Your Phone

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They say we eat (and drink) with our eyes first. The power of Instagram and other social media platforms makes food and beverage photography more important than ever.

Scrolling through impressive, curated images on social media can leave anyone who isn’t a professional photographer or influencer feeling unsure about their picture-snapping skills. However, the quality of cameras and apps available on our phones can make even the most amateur photog look like a pro.

These tips from consultant and contributor Todd Collins can help you snap drool-worthy pics to tempt people through your doors.

1. Use Lighting

Lighting is so important when taking great shots. Most do not realize when taking a picture that it can be the difference between an amazing image, or the worst food or beverage shot on social media.

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There are many light rings for your smartphone you can purchase on Amazon, as well as professional lights that can really make a difference and are very affordable. Don't shy away from natural light, either. Always have that tool of light close to you.

2. It’s all About the Angle

Instead of shooting the same angle of your drink or dish, use the Rule of 10 on this one. Take 10 shots at different angles. This way you can choose the best perspective for the shot as well as use multiple images to tell a story.

3. Best App for These Shots

If you’re looking for the right app for all your shots, you’ve landed on the right article. The app Foodie is absolutely perfect for what you’re looking to accomplish. This app is used by many food bloggers and has been the go-to app for them.

Want to hear even better news? It’s free!

4. Where to Shoot

Don't always take your images in the same spot. If you saw the same thing over and over, you would get bored.

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Set your shots using images in the background without losing attention on your target. Buy a wood table for that shot of whiskey, or an amazing-looking plate for that special dish. A fire lit in the background can make a soup look all the more appetizing.

5. Foodology

Ideas for drink shots and food images are all over the internet. Using some of the quick tutorials on YouTube and following foodie Instagram accounts will give you amazing ideas on how to present and shoot your shots.

BONUS TIP: Leverage Food Bloggers for Your Bar and Restaurant Images

Let's say you set up a shoot at your bar or restaurant. Create an event on your Facebook page and distribute that event to other platforms. Personally invite food bloggers in your area to participate in the shoot. This will not only supply you with some additional shots, it will also help you leverage their followers.

These are all simple and great ways for you to dominate with just the use of a mobile phone in the world of digital brand awareness. Remember, “A picture says a thousand words.”

Click to download Foodie for iPhone or Android devices.

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