7 Revenue Generating Promotion Enhancements

Revenue Generating Promotions - Ora Nightclub Promoting your nightclub or bar isn’t something that will happen all by itself. Well organized promotions can increase check averages without resorting to drink specials and cover charge reductions. However, once they arrive, keeping them there longer is just as important.

In order to put the party over the top, here are 7 simple revenue generating promo elements that will help establish a personality for your special events and promotions.

1.      Wow Elements: Confetti cannons every hour or at midnight, champagne toasts, sparklers when delivering bottle service, etc. can all push a promotion and the customer experience over the top.

2.      Themed Attire: Make sure that your bartenders, go go dancers, security guards and table servers are dressed to impress and in attire that fits the overall theme of the promotion and your brand.

3.      Food Samples: Send out food samples throughout the night. This is a great way to get customer to stay longer and potentially order more food. You can even do deserts such as chocolate covered strawberries for VIP tables. Again, make sure the food fits your overall theme.

4.      Fashion Show: Partner with local stores and have live models move throughout the venue intermingling with guests and encouraging social interaction.

5.      Leverage Fame: When clubs pay someone like Paris Hilton $1 million for an appearance, the buzz lasts for a year. You can do the same with local celebrities for less.

6.      Guest Involvement: Let your customers set the theme via voting online or host an awards party where customers choose winners. Customer involvement in the theme or promotion can make it more memorable.

7.      VIP Cards: Similar to a frequent flyer program, your venue can offer special benefits to customers that attend specific promotions or events throughout the year.

Remember a drink special isn’t a promotion on its own. It’s part of a promotion. You need additional elements that attract new customers and keep existing customers to drive revenue. Adequately created and executed promotions can greatly enhance your identity and brand.  

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