Are You Ready For Football?

Stats Sports Bar Cooler, crisper air is upon us and that only mean one thing to bar and nightclub owners – Football! There are few things that bring in more consistent patrons than football season. Fans will seek out a bar that not only shows their favorite teams battling it on the gridiron but also one that offers promotions and specials to those loyal patrons.

So, how do you take advantage? At Stats, a Houston-based sports bar, football season creates the momentum for the rest of the year. Owner, Tate Powers states, “the biggest draw at the sports bar is hosting fantasy football drafts.”

Stats has a computer program in place, so fantasy teams who reserve the space can have their drafts projected on the big screen, which includes a running ticker like ESPN. Half-priced appetizers and drinks are also available during drafts.

“We’ve done 20 to 25 parties already,” he says. A knowledgeable staff that understands how the computer program works prompts the success of these events. “It makes it a lot easier on us and the guests.”

Though the fantasy drafts draw a large crowd, Powers and his team also host other promotions. During game day, patrons can go up against a manager. If they beat the manager’s score, they can show up during that same week for a complimentary beer. They also have weekly prizes and an overall season winner. Part of the allure of a simple promotion like this is that it ensures that the patron comes back that week. “It also gets people involved,” Powers says. Additionally, Stats has 40 TVs, with one large big screen that plays Houston Texans’ games; TVs in the bathrooms also add to the overall experience.

“Football naturally builds itself,” Powers says. “Therefore, all we have to is put out the best promotions to get people in the door.” Once inside, keeping patrons happy means playing every game. “No matter how insignificant the game may seem, it’s important to someone. Don’t change or turn off someone’s game,” he advises. Powers also advises to make sure all of your TV and equipment is working properly. “If screens are blank when the games are on, people notice,” he says.

As the NFL season inches closer to its opening day, Powers says sales are already up 10% with the fantasy drafts alone. Ensuring this momentum means having a well-trained staff, who “knows what they’re doing,” Powers says. “Make sure every promotion you’re doing, you have the staff to do it. Don’t try to wing it; instead have it set up and completely ready.”

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