Art Matters at Stingaree

Many bars and nightclubs fall into the trap of hosting the same promotions for big holidays year after year. But what works one year might be the kiss of death the next. You need to constantly change your holiday promotion strategies to keep customers interested. This year, Stingaree is changing things up for the upcoming holiday. The San Diego nightclub is hosting a Labor Day promotion that sheds some light on the local art and fashion communities.

Stingaree is partnering with Romantic Rock Design, a women's couture clothing line from Pacific Beach, California, on their Hotel California event for the Friday, August 31, of Labor Day weekend. Romantic Rock Design hosts Hotel California parties in different cities around the world. This time, “she brought the party to us,” explains Michael McShane, marketing and entertainment manager of Stingaree, and it will focus on art of all forms.

Stingaree is a great space to host large events that highlight fashion and art shows. “We were famous for doing these types of events,” says McShane, noting that with Stingaree’s multiple floors including an outdoor roof area and a mezzanine level that lends itself to art and fashion shows. With such a large, flexible space Stingaree is always looking for ways to “draw in new crowds thought interesting entertainment.”

During the event, two fashion shows will take place, featuring Romantic Rock Designs. Twenty local models, local stylists and local photographers will also be featured during the fashion show. The event encompasses other art forms such as featured artists from The Infusion Project, a group of live artists based in San Diego. Artists will have their works displayed or will be working on pieces during the event.

Since the venue does one art show per month with The Infusion Project, explains McShane, it was a natural fit to feature them at this event as well. “It’s a great platform for them to showcase their brands or their products,” he explains.

McShane continued by explaining that “It’s always good to give a reason to come to your venue on the bigger holiday weekends.” Hosting the promotion on the Friday night before Labor Day benefits Stingaree as well. “It’s an advantage,” he says, because Friday night promotions bring the club a solid return on investment. “It helps to brand the night and to bring people through the door.

A promotion of this caliber, where many artists are featured, takes enormous amounts pre-panning. It took McShane and his team six weeks to execute—giving just enough time to schedule artists and prepare the runway.

By not being one thing to most people, Stingaree is many things to different groups of people. “It’s not just the usual DJ environment,” at Stingaree, says McShane. “It gives an opportunity for local boutiques and bigger brands,” to showcase their designs or artwork. Ultimately adding to the nightlife experience.

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