Be a Better Social Media Neighbor

Social media was never meant to be a soapbox. It was meant to foster community, thought and conversation. But, all of that changed when marketers got their hands on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all of the other social networks. Now, social media platforms are used as a megaphone. Brands and businesses blast their message to millions of users who are literally cringing from the inundation of ads and over-branded content. If marketers would just put the megaphone away and focus on authentic conversations, they’d have much more success on social media.

One of the key steps to having authentic conversations is being a good neighbor. What do we mean by being a good neighbor on social media? Think about social media as the real world for a second. You talk to the customers who come through the door. You compliment them on their attire, ask them how their kids are and make sure they’re enjoying their meal or cocktail. You form relationships. You also form relationships with business partners, vendors, neighboring businesses and employees. Why are you treating social media any differently?

Going forward, we want you to build real relationships on social media. Engage with other brands and businesses, reply to your customers, prompt them for engagement, tell them a story… The possibilities are endless when you put down the megaphone and act like a person.

Ready to make the shift on social? Here are 3 easy steps you can take to be a good neighbor.

Step 1: Like Your Neighbors

Go onto your social media channels and, each day, “like” or “follow” 10 of your vendors, local media outlets or neighboring businesses. You’ll be surprised by how many of them will follow you back. Score! Free fans!

A bit of advice: Be selective with who you choose each day. Who has the biggest following? Whose business is most important to you? Who can you tag in an upcoming post? Which publication would you most like to feature your venue?

Step 2: Chat with Your Neighbors

Don’t play hard to get. Once you like or follow your neighbors, make a conscious effort to monitor and engage with their content. Each day, schedule time to like, comment on, and even share or retweet your neighbor’s posts. They will appreciate it and more than likely return the favor.

You want to be strategic about the content with which you’re engaging. Maybe a reporter posted an article on an upcoming event in town? That’s worth a like. Perhaps your liquor distributor has a new product that you’ll soon be featuring? That’s perfect for a share! Did another local business get an award? Comment with a kudos.

Step 3: Collaborate With Your Neighbors

The final step in this process is collaboration. Does your cocktail have fresh ingredients from a local farm? Tag them! Are you hosting a hot DJ from the area? Tag them! Are you having a bar crawl with other local venues? You guessed it – tag them! The tag will be mutually beneficial, bringing both of you more engagement and fans.

But, the collaboration doesn’t end there. Try to include them in the pictures and videos you’re posting. And, always ask them to share or repost the content.

Remember, it’s called social networking for a reason. Reach out, engage, collaborate. Being a good neighbor will get you more fans, more engagement and, more importantly, better clout within the community.

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