Black Hearts and Single Shots

Black Heart Anti-Valentine's Day Party

A New York bar is going against the grain this Valentine’s Day. Instead of welcoming love-struck couples, it’s making February 14th a singles night, inviting in those who are not looking for love, and expecting to see good sales.

Latitude Bar & Grill, in midtown Manhattan, will host a Black Hearts Party for singles.

The main bar of this three-floor bar and lounge will be decorated for the event with giant mock Sweethearts candies hanging from the bar, featuring pithy non-romantic sayings such as “It’s Not Me; It’s You” and “Hi My Name is …” stickers will be on the bar itself for people to add their funny spin to, such as “Hi My Name is Co-Dependent,” and wear.

But the centerpiece will be a life-size voodoo doll (made from a Halloween costume stuffed with pillows) with a sign inviting customers to stick their ex’s name on it with a pin. “By the time I saw this doll the next morning, last year, it was covered—there wasn’t a spot left on it,” says Alyssa Aiola, events coordinator.

Latitude will be serving a couple of specialty drinks for its anti-Valentine party. There will be as-yet-undecided shot, as well as the Stupid Cupid cocktail of champagne and pomegranate juice. This will be $5 all night, even after happy hour ends at 10 p.m.

There will also be a prize awarded to the customer who has the best breakup story. “We encourage people to tell their breakup stories to our staff,” Aiola says. “If we hear anything crazy then we tell the manager and we all decide the best story at the end of the night.” The prize will be a box of anti-Valentine knick-knacks such as a phone case that says “No Love for Me” and a coffee cup that says “I Love Me.”

Why singles and not couples? “We wanted to embrace everyone that is coming out on a Saturday night and didn’t want to remind them of the fact that they are single. We didn’t want everything being pink and girly and into love.” This can be a difficult day for some, Aiola acknowledged, so Latitude wanted to create a fun night for everyone.

This will be the second anti-Valentine’s celebration for Latitude Bar & Grill. Marketing and advertising this event is easy. Latitude uses its Twitter and Facebook accounts, where it features its flyer, which is also distributed in the venue. Last year’s was a hit, Aiola says, and sales were about 70% higher than the previous year, when the bar had held a more traditional Valentine’s event.

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