Boost Sales by Connecting Your Online Presence

Connecting Social Media Everyone in the industry understands that they must be present online.  Today’s shrewd customer expects to not only be connected to friends and family but to those who provide them with the services and products they want and need. 

Boris Bugarski of ShoutAmp, Inc. encourages business owners to be proactive and control their online presence rather than simply reacting to customer posts.  Boris suggests spending 8 hours inside your venue taking photos as this will net roughly 150 pictures that can be repurposed for several social media outlets.  These 150 photos should last for about 3 months, after which another 8 hours should be spent taking photographs. 

Emerging as the leading social media outlet for nightclubs in particular, Instagram has become an priceless marketing tool.  Venue owners and operators should make a habit of regramming and retweeting their customers.  Along those lines, create and seed the hashtags you want customers to utilize in order to control your online presence more effectively.

In addition, Bugarski encourages owners to optimize and connect all of the online marketing tactics, from your own website and email to social media, text messaging and business listings. When owners realize that a large percentage of sales comes from a small radius they are going to need to take their online marketing to the local level.

Owners can do this by cutting ties with online marketing that isn’t producing results and focusing on streamlining efforts and tracking results. 

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