Boston Herald: Most Restaurant, Bar Owners Frown on Return of Happy Hour

From the Boston Herald:

Restaurant and bar owners overwhelming voiced support for maintaining the state’s so-called “Happy Hour” law that prohibits them from serving free, discounted or two-for-one alcoholic drinks at a hearing in Boston today.

It was the fourth of five planned hearings hosted by the Alcoholics Beverage Control Commission to hear testimony on whether the happy hour regulations should be updated to level the playing field since casinos built in Massachusetts will be able to hand out free drinks to customers.

“I can’t believe we’re sitting here and having this conversation,” said Steve DiFillippo, founder and owner of Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse and Avila in Boston, who’s opposed to any changes in the current Happy Hour law.

On the way to the hearing, DiFillippo said he passed the State House, where a banner is hanging that proclaims “drive sober or get pulled over.”

“There’s only one reason people go to happy hour, and that’s to get drunk,” DiFillippo said.

It’s already hard to manage 21- to 23-year-olds when they’re drinking, and relaxing the happy hour law only would make it worse, according to Austin O’Connor Jr., CEO of Boston’s Briar Group.

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