Dedicated to the Dram: Happy International Whiskey Day!

Image: Whiskey destination Jack Rose Dining Saloon (Greg Powers)

Happy International Whiskey Day! If there’s a better combination of words for a holiday, we don’t know it. There are several great ways you can celebrate this holiday your bar with your guests.

First, you can highlight your whiskey and whisky selections on social media to draw people to your bar.

Second, you can come up with whiskey flights: bourbon flights, rye flights, a tour of American whiskey styles, blended flights, single malt flights, international flights, etc. The best part of an international flight is that you can offer variations based on size or even continents to cover American, Canadian, Irish, Scottish, German, French, Indian, Japanese, Australian, New Zealand whiskey, and more.

You can also create whiskey and whisky food pairings or beer pairings to draw in guests.

Finally, you can offer your guests the follow whiskey/whisky cocktails, playing with styles and brands to make them your own. Cheers!

Paddy in Chicago cocktail recipe - International Whiskey Day

Can’t decide on bourbon or Irish whiskey? Why not have both? Paddy in Chicago is a combination of Koval Bourbon and Michael Collins Irish Whiskey.

Old Fashioned cocktail recipe - International Whiskey Day

The Old Fashioned may call for either rye whiskey or bourbon but using other styles of whiskey or whisky gives you the chance to create a signature cocktail.

Ginger Monkey cocktail recipe - International Whiskey Day

A blend of 3 single malt Speyside scotches, Monkey Shoulder is the star of the refreshing Ginger Monkey.

Monkey Mojito cocktail recipe - International Whiskey Day

Monkey Shoulder also features in the Monkey Mojito.

Whiskey Sour cocktail recipe - International Whiskey Day

The Whiskey Sour is a classic cocktail that never fails to please.

Paper Plane cocktail recipe - International Whiskey Day

Bourbon, Aperol and amaro come together to make the Paper Plane.

Manhattan cocktail recipe - International Whiskey Day

What whiskey cocktail is more classic than the Manhattan?

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