Diesel Accelerates Party Plans for 7th Anniversary

The traditional seventh year anniversary gift is copper but not if Adam DeSimone has anything to do with it. To celebrate Diesel’s seven-year anniversary, copper just won’t cut it.

As managing partner at AMPD Group, which owns Diesel, DeSimone is pulling out all the stops for the Pittsburgh club’s end-of-summer anniversary celebration. The three-night party begins Thursday, Aug. 22 and goes through Sunday, Aug. 25, with a Diesel VIP reception at Skybar, DeSimone’s new rooftop pool and nightclub. “It’s going to be complimentary cocktails for our VIP over the years,” DeSimone explains.

Diesel Nightclub

DJ Ravidrums will be playing Friday; Saturday includes music from DJ Mauricio, who will also DJ on Sunday at Skybar. The anniversary also coincides with the filming of DeSimone and his partner’s pilot for a local TV channel which will show the inner-workings of nightclub life. But, it’s not always glitz and glamor.  A lot of work went into planning for this event.

DeSimone started planning the event about a month and half out. “We were trying to get Skybar up and operating first,” he explains. Then, he lined up the talent. From there, DeSimone focuses on marketing, getting the city excited by using radio promotions, issuing a teaser, a press release and getting local media involved.

“There’s a couple of different ways for us to get out there,” he explains. “We don’t want to put too much weight on one item.” It’s a balance of everything, including reaching out to contacts, working with local radio stations, online marketing, viral marketing and using local promoters. “We try to do an anniversary party every year as a promotion,” he says. “Seven is a good milestone. Any year over two is good for the nightclub business.”


But, he says, it takes a lot of teamwork and coordination to throw a big three-day event. The promo team gets involved about two weeks out and coordinates with the marketing team. DeSimone works with the general managers to ensure everything is executed well. “It’s definitely a team effort.”

It’s very exciting for the owners; and they have plenty to celebrate with the opening of Skybar. During the day, people can come and relax at the rooftop pool and come nightfall, the pool is covered with plexiglass—a rarity in Pittsburgh. “Guests don’t know they’re on the pool until it’s lit up. They love it.” In addition, the retractable roof will keep guests warm during the cold Pennsylvania winters.

Although the club’s official opening was seven years ago in June, DeSimone and his team strategically planned the event to fall at the end of August. Although it’s the end of summer, it’s only the beginning for Diesel. “We timed it perfectly,” he says. “Pittsburgh has a number of college students coming into the city for the school year. The timing is the first weekend they’re back.”

 “We’re going to reintroduce them to Skybar,” DeSimone explains.

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