Driving Sales with 4th of July Promotions

4th of JulyPlanning a 4th of July event at your venue? Then you better start getting the word out now.

Every holiday has the potential to drive sales. However, the 4th of July allows you the opportunity to attract travelers, loyal customers and gain new guests at the peak of summer.

As your guests start to plan where they will be reveling in their red, white and blue, here are some unique 4th of July promotions you can use to get them in the door.

1.  Create a unique specialty cocktail for the day or the weekend only. Make it something special and play on the patriotic theme by making it red, white or blue. Try a Sapphire American Collins made with Bombay Sapphire, simple syrup, fresh lemon, cherries, blueberries and club soda.  Make sure to make one for the ladies and one for the guys in order to maximize sales.  

2. The goal is to get people in the venue but a large majority of people go to cookouts. Therefore, even if you don’t typically offer bulk takeout orders you might want to think about it. Not everyone likes to cook, so entice your regulars to pick up their favorite dish in bulk to bring to that cookout.

3.  There is no better weekend then the 4th of July to offer finger foods. Put together some bar cookout style bar bites like mini sliders, hot dogs or sandwiches. You could take this a step further by offering mini 4th of July themed pastries or desserts as well. Make sure to have special 4th of July menus printed to promote these specials.

4. Can you see the firework display from your bar? If so, make sure to be part of the action. Offer exclusives to your regulars for premium seating. Limited outdoor space? No problem. Make it a sweepstakes to win a premium spot for all of the festivities.  In addition, provide themed swag to get guests in the holiday spirit. 

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