Eight for Eight

Devon Espinosa Breadbar Hatchi MixBreadbar began as a bakery, but thanks to thirsty enthusiasts it evolved into a bar/restaurant serving Los Angeles since 2006. Recently the group behind the concept took their cocktail service a step further with the Hatchi Mix series.

The Hatchi Mix series — Hatchi means “eight” of something — welcomes a mixologist every first Thursday of the month to introduce eight drinks for $8 a piece, with a focus on a specific theme such as an era, a spirit or an idea. Guests enjoy the cocktails alongside Breadbar’s bistro menu and $8 artisan gourmet pizza selections. The featured mixologist also can bring in his or her own chef to pair small bites with cocktails. But just like the bar where it’s held, this event evolved from its original idea.

“The idea for this event initially was to invite a rising star chef to showcase for one night-only his or her culinary talent with the presentation of eight dishes for $8 a dish,” explains Lorena Tomb, sales and marketing manager at Breadbar. “The chefs often invited mixologists to introduce cocktails to pair with their dishes or to marry with the theme of the event. After witnessing the success of the mixologists’ creativity, we decided to introduce an evening where the focus would be the mixologist.”

Patrons love the reduced price ($8 instead of $12 to $16 per drink) and the intense flavor the guest bartenders provide. Each mixologist lines up sponsors depending on the theme of the night; recent sponsors include Grey Goose, Bacardi, Oxley Gin and Neve Luxury Ice.

Tomb says the team at Breadbar has no intention of slowing or stopping the promotion.

“The Hatchi Mix series matches with the philosophy of Breadbar, bringing tradition and innovation to the center stage,” she says.


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