Find Luck in Your aLibationsa this St. Paddyas Day

Everyone is Irish on St. Paddy’s Day, right? Or at least they are celebrating like they are. Studies have shown that over a quarter of Americans visit a bar or restaurant on St. Patrick’s Day and forty-one percent of those polled expect either traditional Irish menu items or holiday-specific promotions as the biggest factor in making their choice of where to celebrate. So whether you are an Irish pub, an upscale wine bar, a nightclub or a dive bar, you better be prepared with enough beer, corned beef, specials and and plenty of security for the masses of people who feel compelled to celebrate this universal holiday.

St. Patrick's Day

According to Libation General Manager, William Civian, it’s not entirely necessary to deviate from the norm. “We run a very popular, competitively priced brunch every Saturday and Sunday. This particular weekend we are not deviating from the norm too much. I find the deeper discounted venues have to deal with a more intoxicated rowdy crowd.” Civian tells us that in lieu of deep discounts or flashy promotions that smaller Irish establishments are obliged to run, Libation has an upper hand by offering a very fun, upbeat, and most importantly on a day like St. Patrick's Day, safe environment. “We have a much larger space to accommodate bigger groups and our ability to offer a higher caliber of entertainment throughout the day.”

On March 17th, Libation will be doing a brunch party in the afternoon featuring drink specials paired with entrees from 12pm-2pm. From 2pm until 9pm, there will be discounted drink specials. Two DJ's will be spinning from 12pm-4am and the venue will be offering some surprise live Irish music throughout the day.

Because of the nature of Libation and their frequent/weekly promotions, they have a fool-proof standard marketing campaign in place via social media two weeks prior to St. Patty’s Day. Civian adds, “We generate a detailed flyer that we promote through Facebook, Twitter, and other various social media outlets. Libation NYC is a destination brunch venue located in the Lower East Side. We are extremely busy on Saturday and Sunday brunch. That being said, the holiday certainly does not hurt walk-in foot traffic.” 

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