The Five Dollar Martini Makes Bravo Brio a Winner

Image: Brio Tuscan Grille

Do drink promotions still work? They certainly do for the Bravo Brio Restaurant Group (BBRG). They work so well, in fact, that the company took home the Best Spirits award at the 2016 VIBE Conference.

BBRG’s overall mission is to develop loyal and lifelong guests through unparalleled service and excellent food and happy hour offerings. When it came to spirits, last year’s work focused on their $5 martini night each Wednesday, designed to build traffic and reward regulars. By offering the promotion weekly, BBRG restaurants in their respective markets have become a staple for those seeking martinis and Italian cuisine.

The promotion is available from open to close, but can be purchased during happy hour. Along with low prices, the promotion has a wide variety of options that include 12 different martinis.

BBRG restaurants use a variety of marketing tools to expand the reach of their promotions. For example, both Brio Tuscan Grille and BRAVO! Cucina Italiana restaurants in the Las Vegas market use radio ad buys to promote the weekly event. Currently, Brio Tuscan Grille located in Tivoli Village in Las Vegas is partnered with a local morning show for live broadcasts during happy hour and other promotions. Along with the live broadcasts, the partnership includes several mentions of Brio throughout the program, as well as pre-recorded commercials announcing the event played throughout the day.

Beverage recipes are created with attention to detail and ingredients. BBRG places a strong emphasis on the initial greet as part of their beverage training program. Servers are to greet guests immediately once seated, as well as suggest two beverage options as part of the $5 martini night promotion. All tables at the bar display the martini menus to ensure guests are aware of the promotion and the options it includes.

Each bartender and server is specifically trained on proper martini terminology and the questions that go along with the iconic cocktail. All BBRG employees are trained to ask the correct questions once a martini is ordered: Gin or vodka? Up or on the rocks? Olive or a twist?

The results have been good. Participating BBRG restaurant locations have seen a significant attendance increase on Wednesday nights. The promotion is popular in respective markets and has helped boost happy hour attendance consistently.

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