French's Mustard Mixology Program Makes Menus Memorable

PARSIPPANY, NJ — With the new French's Mustard Mixology program, operators can put America’s Favorite Mustard to work on menus and become French's Mustard Mixologists. Simply mixing French's Mustards with standard back-of-house ingredients will transform average sauces into unique spreadable blends, creating craveable sandwiches that will keep patrons coming back for more.

It’s becoming quite apparent that Americans love sandwiches. In fact, the average American eats 193 of them each year. The trend has moved toward customization when building sandwiches to satisfy guest hunger, which means menus must be unique and the meal must pack a powerful flavor punch to pique customer interest. Customers love when an otherwise ordinary meal is transformed into an extraordinary dining experience with something as simple as a new sauce creation.

Not just for sandwiches, sauces are also making an appearance on plates, according to Barry Wolf, author of “One Sauce Doesn’t Fit All” for QSR Magazine. Customers want to dip, douse or drizzle in sauces that are as individual as tastes. Fortunately, they are also willing to pay more for the opportunity to enhance the dish of their choice with a uniquely flavorful sauce.

This perceived value allows operators to increase the number of sandwiches on their menus with specialty sauces from the French's Mustard Mixology program. By beginning with a French's top-quality mustard and mixing it with standard ingredients available in any kitchen, you can create unique sauces such as Smoky Chipotle Honey Mustard or Bistro Dijon Aioli.

When you participate in French's Mustard Mixology program, you will receive a branded sandwich kit, including sandwich liners, picks and baskets, and a Mixology sandwich recipe booklet. Call 1-800-442-4733 and request the French's Mustard Mixology brochure. Visit  for recipes and menuing ideas.

Through June 30, 2011, operators can earn up to 200 Foodservice Rewards points per case on special cases of French's mustards and French Fried Onions. Visit  for a complete list of participating products and bonus points.

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